Oddly Shaped Space - Need setup help!

Laura ButlerMay 1, 2013
My house has such an awkward shape that I've lived here for four years now without having a final setup. I still don't have any pics on the wall because I'm not sure where to put the furniture. I don't have any current pics so here are some from when we first moved in.

The pic with the blue walls where you see the two windows on the right is the dining room. It's your normal shaped room with three walls that open into the living room. However, the living room has a trapezoid shape with the shortest part being french doors to the back yard, the long side having the fire place with the tv above it at present, one side opening up to the dining room, and the other side opening up to the front hall. The picture where you can see the french doors is from standing in the front hallway. The other pic with the two windows on the left is from standing in the dining room (before we painted the wall of windows and dining room wall as accent walls in blue).

I can't figure out how to arrange the furniture without blocking traffic flow. We have two full sized leather couches that we are having a hard time arranging in the room.

Hmmm... it deleted my other pictures. I'm not sure how to get them to show.
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Laura Butler
Here's the view from the front hall looking at the oddly shaped trapezoid back wall with french doors.
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I think you need to re-photo the room as it is now and Attach Images with the button below the comment box.
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a floor plan would be helpful in space planning.
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A Crew of Two
Without seeing your furniture it is hard to give advice. But I think you need to float your furniture to face the FP. A sofa facing the dining room and two chairs seems the best fit. Your french door opens awkwardly into the space limiting your choices. Float the furniture, if you can, so you have a pathway behind them.
Ideabook: 6 Reasons to Float a Sofa · See Ideabook
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Laura Butler
I will have to see if I can float the furniture. Is that awkward to have to walk around the couch to get out? My house (I have two kiddos under three) is a disaster right now and is arranged differently due to having a board game nerd hangout that has our giant dining table sticking out into the middle of the living room right now. But I am turning the table back to normal and finishing cleaning up tomorrow. I will take current pictures and post in a comment. Thanks for the comments so far! I'll see if I can find a floor plan as well to post.
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A Crew of Two
It's pain to rearrange furniture- and I miss those game nights!- you could try just taping off the floor and see how the flow feels. Use painters tape and place the tape in a furniture arrangement. But floating does not cut off a room, You just need to be sure you have a minimum of 32" walkway, 36" to 42" is ideal. You may not have that space, like I said it is hard to tell dimensions. But I am looking at the beam of sunshine in front of the window in the 2nd pic and it is a natural 'hallway'
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