Need views on refrigerator
May 1, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I need to replace my side by side refrigerator that was damaged by Sandy. Debating on wether I should get side by side again or go with the pull out freezer on bottom. Any reviews/ideas would be appreciated
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I love, love, love my bottom freezer and would never go back to side by side.

However, I have a freezer only in the garage.

I think it would partially depend on how much food you keep in the freezer. Even my large side-by-side would not hold a frozen pizza.

I feel like I can see things in my refrigerator much better now than with the side-by-side. I don't find science experiments growing in the back.

I am on my 2nd one because my first bottom freezer was not as nice as the one the new man in my life had so we put mine in his townhome and brought his over when he moved in.

I love both of them both much more than I ever liked the side-by-sides I have had over the years.

If you have specific questions I'll try to answer.
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I also prefer a bottom freezer just so that there is more width in the fridge portion. I like knowing I can put a large cake in there or one of those party subs. I had a side by side in one home and while it was more spacious than I thought it would be, I would still chose a bottom freezer.
Depending on the configuration of your fridge in the kitchen, since you are replacing, I would also consider a counter depth model. It will look more built in and won't jut into your room.
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I have a counter depth side by side that I'm very happy with. While I don't have any additional freezer space, I do have two small bar type frig's in the house (one in my outdoor kichen, and one in the media room bar). My biggest issue with counter depth side by sides is that I can't fit my families beverage needs in there. A case of soda, a 6 pack of beer, and a couple bottles of wine would take up an entire shelf.

I hope things are gettng back to normal for you since Sandy. Where abouts do you live?
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I LOVE my french door, bottom freezer, counter-depth fridge. It is really well laid out for how we use it.
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I have a French door too....LOVE it!!
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Love the bottom freezer. The way they make the refrigerator portion is unbelievable. You wouldn't believe what they hold. Huge side bins, adjustable shelves hold gallons of milk, huge party platters etc.
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I have a bottom freezer and find it to be very small and not store as much as a side by side.
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Brenda, I live in Long Beach, NY, approximately 1 block away from the ocean an 2 blocks away from the bay. Unfortunately they decided to meet and then come into our homes totally without an invitation.
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Thank you all for your input. I now know that the refrigerator on top makes life easier (no science projects lol) and that the bottom freezer, while not perfect, is good to get.
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