Our 11 year old daughter room
May 1, 2013
I love the bedding we had made but the room
Doesn't have a wow factor. What do I need to do to pull it together??
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I think this room needs just some more red accents (since I think that is where you were aiming)
Add two red cushions to the bed or even a throw at the bottom (bear in mind the bed takes the biggest footprint so any colour should feature there)
Also think about adding a red rug to draw the eye down and give a sense of verticality in the room (not just the horizontal plane of the bed)
Apart from that I think adding a pretty picture above the bookshelf and a mirror with red/blue and cream/white accents above teh dressing room should work

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I think a little sparkle and "glam" is in order. Mirrored side tables? They can get pricey..but Target has for reasonable prices.

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Daria Milovidova
you need some nice framed pictures of your daughter and just some framed art pieces made by her or with your help. use different frames and sizes to add character. maybe a nice mirror too.
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Oh the color is hot pink. Not red. Sorry iPhone camera don't have
The best picture..:)
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Same comments - just exchange red for hot pink! ;-)
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I agree with the above comments of adding more pink accents, mirrored side tables and some pictures. Maybe a different lamp, and re-locate the picture right behind the lamp shade?
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I would replace the white cabinet with a small vanity with a chair. Add a mirror (think Snow White) stencil above it Mirror, mirror,on the wall,who's the fairest of them all.
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