Need help for my floor plan (single storey bungalow)

chris_lee7812May 3, 2013
I am planning to build bungalow, but the floor plan doesnt make me feel wow at all.
any people/designer can help to comment and propose?
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There are many floor plans for Bungalows. Perhaps another one would suit your tastes better.
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agreed...but do you have recommendation or pictures to show for improvement? thanks.
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What do you want and need-that's your first step in creating or choosing a floor-plan. Second would be involving an architect, who will ask:

Are you young-just starting out, or are you middle-aged and building to 'age-in-place'?

If young, do you have or plan to have children? If yes, you'll need to consider where their rooms will be in relation to yours, the family bath or shower room, and the exit-entry doors (ha, ask me how I know this!)

If building to 'age-in-place', will you want the power points higher up than the usual placement near skirting boards, for example. Will you need a guest room? Is a study/crafting space important? To comfortably age-in-place, have you considered appliance placement-will you need to put the fridge (if using the under counter models so prevelant in UK and European homes) up higher to facilitate sparing your back? (That's just for starters, lol!)

Will you want/need three-two-one bedrooms, one bath or shower room or a master bedroom with ensuite? Wider doorways to accommodate mobility products? Store cupboards-how many do you want/need and where? Do you want a separate utility room for clothes washer (and tumble dryer if needed) or do you want those in the kitchen? Speaking of the kitchen, do you want a dining kitchen, an open plan kitchen, a 'pass-thru' kitchen with a butler's window through to another room? Will you be happiest with built-ins and integrated appliances-and if yes, will you want a wall oven and an American style fridge-freezer?

Do you want a formal entry vestibule with a coat cupboard or can you splash out on a cloakroom for that formal entry?

Does your plot suit building to have front and rear garden or will it better suit a front only, and will you want access from kitchen-utility out to the drying space?

Will you have an attached or separate garage-if attached, where do you want the entry into the house to be, into a utility room many things to consider in a new build! And all of these factor into the process of creating or choosing the floor-plan you are going to be happiest with, and will have resale potential as well should you one day decide to sell on.

There is so much more to a floor-plan than where the rooms are because those rooms will need power points, plumbing, heating, etc, and those considerations go into creating a buildable, liveable floor-plan.
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if you don't feel there is a floor play that 'wow's you, perhaps you can try coming up with one yourself to suit your lifestyle.
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sunnie2day, thanks for replying...I am totally run out of ideas, your advise will be helpful :D
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Dytecture, that floor plan is the only 1 can think of...unfortunately, I am run out of idea how to improve them...any ideas where can I get idea to improve them? thanks for replying.
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Thank-you:) So, do you mind if I ask-are you young and just starting out, or a touch older and building to age-in-place? It does make a difference as to how your floor-plan should be designed. LOL, I know this because our son is grown and flown, the house that worked as a family home no longer does. My husband and I are in NE Scotland about to do a reno on a mid-terrace c1860s cottage to age-in-place; he's a retired historic building conservation officer.

Because of the way you spell 'storey' I think you're possibly in the UK , if yes, a consult with a good architect will cost you around £1000 and should yield a set of planning blueprints that include positioning power points, plumbing, doors, windows, etc.

No matter what your particular needs (and wants) are, this new build is probably going to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Please update this thread or start a new one to keep us up-to-date on your adventure!
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sunnie2day, we are in mid 30...planning to build a home which can stay from now until old.
yes, agreed with u...most 'exciting' times of our life, tat's why we don't want to end up with regret.
tat's the most headache part of finalizing those details.
find a good architect need some survey, and it is costly :(
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Go to this page and take a look at 62 different bungalo plans -
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Sorry, meant to say - 62 different pages of bungalo plans.
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Chris, when you bought the plot did the purchase price include the surveys? Most British architects love those because it saves them time-and you money.

Joannpb has a great link there for you, I love that site for ideas! Before we fell in love with our Victorian cottage, we were going to do a new build so I spent a lot of hours pouring over floor-plans on that familyhomeplans site!

I'd print the ones that got my attention and then spend hours making notes all over the sheet. Thing like 'move bath and cloak room to common wall for core plumbing advantages', 'flip door to other side' 'This would be perfect if...' A lot of happy hours plus those print-outs would have been a great help and timesaver for the architect which would have meant less money for us. Then a friend dragged us out to see '...this wee cottage'. One look, we were hooked-but several of the things we loved from the floor-plans site will be incorporated into the cottage reno.

Since you're planning to stay in the new build for many, many years, consider putting in things like: slightly wider doorways, easy access to loft or attic storage, walk-in showers, raised plinths for appliances, and waist height power, 'Net, and TV points to make things easier when you're older. Actually, those features, and energy saving features like loft insulation on floor and ceiling, 'core-plumbing', and window placement and type (triple glazing saves tonnes on heating, wow!) are frequently mentioned on estate agent listing sites now. Really bumps up the value if you ever do sell on.

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