Best sink grid for ikea domsjo farmhouse sink?

ebrownieMay 3, 2013
I have looked high and low for a sink grid/protector for the Ikea domsjo farmhouse sink. Has anyone found something?!
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Jeannie Nguyen
Hi there, were you ever able to source the sink or are you still looking?
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No, not yet! I'm so surprised that IKEA doesn't make one. The hunt continues...
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Laura Olson
me too, any luck?
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Cancork Floor Inc.
1.5 year old post.
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Laura Olson
Yes, but sink is still sold and the comments and need is/ are relevant - i just installed my sink and need a sink grid.
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We have had this sink installed three times. Once because we broke it it and the second time because of a house fire. This one has been in for two and a half years and it is still looks new. It is difficult to keep the grids clean. I have been looking for something to protect the bottom of the bowls and have not found anything. Ideally I would like to find something raised with metal rails and rubber feet.
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Laura Olson
I agree. I have rubber mats which are nasty to keep clean but keep the bottom from pot n pan marks. I did find something close on Amazon but it's $40+ per each. May try it and will let u know
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