August 3, 2011 in Design Dilemma
Hey houzz fans, I'd love to hear your input on my yard design.

I have a very large pool (80,000 litres) that died. I would like to put a pond in its place. I have no experience with ponds but I think they'll be easier than the pool!
My yard area is about 1 acre and in a very private rural yard. I have 30 acreas total but the yard part is about an acre.
I've been renovating my house and the inside is asian / modern inspired design with clean lines and natural materials.

I've always loved natural ponds and Japanese tea houses - but now that I'm looking for my final design for the pond I'm wondering if a modern simple geometric style might be incorporated to go well with the modern/asian inside of the house.
The yard has a lot of elevation changes and needs a lot of work. The deck should be replaced and it currently blocks the view of the pool from the house.

I'm in a cold climate (Saskatchewan) and I'm not wanting fish.

I have attached some photos to this post. Here are some notes:
- The pergola stays: it blocks the only view of our neighbour. It also holds solar panels for our now dead pool.
- the pool is surrounded by stamped concrete - its 4" thick and would be a shame to waste so I'd only want to do that if the design needs it to go.
- the area under the pergola needs to be changed to something other than grass - its simply too hard to mow and it gets in the water.
- I have a small wood fired chofu hot tub I should relocate in this design
- the yard has many elevations and a stream is not out of the question to take water from my eaves.

So what do you think - what should I consider? What should I not consider? What might work? What will not work?
Thanks in advance!
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I think Japanese pond will combine both modern style and asian style. I think this site will help you a lot
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I think your plans so far sound wonderful. I especially like the idea of the wood fired chofu hot tub. If you are going for an Asian-style garden with water, another option from the natural pond look posted by dehka above would be to go with the more geometric shape you were thinking of and putting some sort of mini pagoda extending out into it wher eyou could even put your hot tub.

Here's some inspiration photos:
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