Hot Glue Vines On Brick and Stone House (High Quality Artificial Vines)

ManLand LandManMay 3, 2013
It sounds tacky, giving how vines damage brick walls in such I think this is a great way for quick Glitz! Of course time and detail need to be paid but I think I just might do it below the window* (it will not harm the brick)
Yes! Give it a shot for the Glitz! Be a Lil risky!
Hell No! What are you thinking, that's what a gypsy would do!
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ManLand LandMan
I'd like comments! I'd be so hot on the block if done correctly. Worst case the neighbors make me out to be a skank.
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Even if this wasn't a bizarre idea, how long do you think the vines would look nice, before weather turned them into a mess?
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Really bad idea, and your ethnic slur is offensive.
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I think the poster mentioned artificial vines Not the real thing
No vines were harmed during this comment
But yes. Not a good idea tacky and that's not
Just the glue
Tackiness can be archived by anyone regardless of ethnic origins
You have a nice frontage to your house why make it look tacky
I have never seen anything artificial. Look real
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If you wish to devalue your home then go right ahead.
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When they fade in the sun and get ripped up in the wind, they won't look so nice. Perhaps you can find a more natural solution. Why not add a window box below the window and put in some real plants?
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I think the vines would add visually, but I don't think you need to glue them to the brick. Attach them to a free-standing trellis system. Then you can refresh them easily when they become weatherworn, or remove them entirely if you get tired of them.
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I bought plastic(ish) ivy off ebay for about $5/vine (I bought 5 from Hong Kong) to put on a fence to block the view into the neighbours until the real stuff can grow. It is fantastic and does the job. The neighbour didn't realise it was fake until I pointed it out to him about a week ago. Do it (but grow the real stuff too)
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ps your picture of the fake ivy is the same picture that was used by my ebay vendor. The stuff that turned up in a post pack matches the image. It has rained a lot since I put it on our lattice.
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