70s ranch front entrance landscape needs major attention. Please help
May 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We are making major renovations to this ranch house that was well built in 1973, but had no maintenance since then. The front landscape screams "old" and I am not getting any divine inspiration! We like the large rock and perhaps some of the smaller evergreens, I feel the house will look naked without the monstrous evergreens which are mostly bear branches on their back sides.
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38 years old, means these plants have had their day. Depending on where you are you could replace with azaleas and a small thuya bush where "Help" is located to add some height. I would concentrate on a japanese landscape garden with a dwarf maple and some liorope and ophiopogon (black), gravels and some seasonal plants.
You will get colour all around

Having said all this, truly your best bet is to call in a landscape designer to look at your soil and advise you on the best planting.
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Please eliminate the old clumpy plantings. They are dating your home and enhancing nothing. Try moving the rock to a side yard if you're attached to it. You'd be surprised how much better new landscaping will look. Local advice on soil and plants for your area would be a wise move. I suggest you remove the shutters from your home. You have contemporary style windows and the cottage/country shutters do not give the appearance they are meant to do any shuttering of your windows. Update the light fixture with something more contemporary too.
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agreed, the balloon shaped plants really dates the exterior.
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What about some kind of water feature or making the area a living space with seating? I think you'd want to be careful of anything of height in front of the window to keep your view open. I agree that the light fixture needs to retire. Lining the walk with lavender would be lovely and would welcome guests with an inviting and calming fragrance.
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I would pull all those ugly shrubs, I move the rock and create a nice outdoor seating area with a bistro set putting lots of colorful potted plants and perhaps a pergola would look nice
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Remove the storm door and paint the door black. Remove the huge rock. On the sold brick wall add a wall fountain. Landscape this area with evergreens so that it will remain green all year long. The tile on the steps should be replaced it does not match the brick. I would add window grilles to the windows and add real working black exterior shutters. This house is so cute. I would NOT remove the existing shrubs they are classic. I would have them cut back. Add a black mulch or pine straw to the bed. Only use white flowers, ferns and ivy next to the red brick.
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Flavin Architects
Since you already like the large rock, why not add to the ensemble and make something really dramatic.
June 1, 2014 at 2:07pm   
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Post is a year old.
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You wont believe this, yes, post is a bit old but,... After consulting several landscape companies in the area, we are just seriously considering hiring the work done. Very slow but we have been evading winter and focusing on the interior. I thank each of you for taking time to help. We painted the door black and added black shutters to the windows and slim shutter on both sides of the door. Looks great I will send an after- picture as soon as the landscaping gets complete. You have inspired us with your suggestions! Many many thanks. I still want to move the big rock but husband likes it. The landscaper is willing to move it to a different location.

I will keep you posted.. Pupin
June 1, 2014 at 8:22pm     
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Please do we have a similar issue with our 1970's Brick Ranch fixer upper. We have spent so much time/money trying to change the inside. Like those original shag carpets-- yes I did say original! The outside is in dire need of TLC! Thank you!
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