Living on site during renovation and keeping your cool
Jeff Perlman
May 5, 2013 in Before & After
We are five months into our addition project to our Florida mid century house and we are completely over it. At first we were ok with the dirt, sand, DUST and did I mention we have little long hair dogs? But as the months have dragged on we have slowly become less and less patient. We now are dealing with that moment when everything comes to a close outside and work shifts inside (the light at the end of the tunnel) but delays with windows and these workers just being pigs (what is that about) have sent us over the edge. The stucco workers have turned a messy job site into a war zone and the thought that shortly we will be breaking through makes me even more concerned that I'm going to blow a gasket. Any kind words of advice to get us through the next six weeks?
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Wow Great Place
Write a blog! Or keep a scrapbook of your adventures. Take pictures of the worst times, the worst events, and the best moments, write down all the crazy things you have to endure, and then at the end, get the scrapbook published as a personal coffee table book. The task will keep your mind off this seemingly endless journey, will give you something to look forward to (besides closing the door on the last worker leaving your finished home), and may make a seemingly horrible journey seem a little more bearable (and one day, I guarantee, it will be hilarious memories!!) The weirder the story, the better!
Know that you are NOT alone, and perhaps you will find kindred spirits on this Houzz site who will help you get through! (check out the OLLD discussion posts, (Old Ladies Loving Design), they post daily, and may be a good sounding board to help you get through it!)
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Repeat these words, "This too shall pass". And if that doesn't work, get a video of "The Money Pit" which I laughed myself silly over during stressful renos and it does show how the process and your reno will end. I've been through some major renos and it is stressful. Do what you can to take some time away from the house. Short vacations possible? Meals out? Visiting people? Trips to the park? Anything to get away and get a different perspective. Love Wow's Great Place idea of writing things out and taking pictures. Make it into a documentary showing the process, what's going on, where you were and where you are going and you'll be able to see the progress being made and also have some before and after pictures when you're done. Good luck!
Just wanted to add that to the extent that you can have some area in the house that you can go to that is not being worked on or worked on at the time that you can set up as a "base" and use for what is not available and being worked on is helpful. Eg if doing the kitchen, if a basement or bed and bath where you can have a microwave, some cups and dishes, a place for simple meals and a place for you to get away and shut the door as much as possible will be a help.
Other practical stuff - clearly things moved out of the way, tarps/sheets on the carpet or flooring when painting, make it easier to work and protect what is there and will be kept. There will be dust and so anything that is not in the work zone, keep closed if possible, but something that you have to expect as well.
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Jeff Perlman
I cannot thank you enough for the words of encouragement. This weekend was a snapping point with some of the workers - finding myself at the end of my rope, I felt I needed to go to social media sites for some company! Wow Great Place - your idea of the book after it's done is a SMASHING idea! My better half has barred me from spending endless hours on FB posting pictures of the gory details of the project - so I kinda feel like we are in the closet on this project (even though everyone that knows us knows we are doing this...don't ask why all the hush hush - you don't have that much time!) And as for documentation - I already have over a 1000 pictures and several videos. Putting the book idea out there is really perfect for us - just the kind of project we can go for. And Collettec thank you too - as it happens when I snapped this weekend the first thing I did was book us for a long weekend away. You've both made me feel a lot better. I know it's going to be amazing when it's over...but I think it's gotten worse for us ust recently as we approach those first signs of the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Thank you both for letting me vet. I've attached a photo of where we are in the project (its the first public showing!). Shhhh but I have to let someone see it! Thanks again!
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You're welcome! Looks like a great start - looking forward to seeing the completed after!
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