Front yard landcaping help
May 5, 2013

I just bought this house and I'm not sure what to do with the front yard.
I'd like to add some more plants to improve curb appeal, add shade and make the house seem like it fits in with the environment. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm not sure where to start - perhaps by planting something to the right of the driveway, to separate it from our neighbors house.

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I would suggest planting a couple of smaller trees on the right of the driveway with a colorful ground cover! I would also suggest un the window on the left plant multiple roses or just some taller flowers. Lastly on the parking strip in the front I recommend taking out a section of whatever plant you have there now and put in stepping stones to match the stones on your house and put more of a colorful ground cover there as well! I have plenty more ideas of things that I think would make a large difference in your houses curb appeal! Let me know if you want more ideas!
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also consider changing the color of the house so it doesn't blend in with the driveway as much.
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Thanks! Yes, I'd love to hear more ideas if you have them.
Under the window on the left, I planted several hydrangea. I'm waiting for them to get bigger though. They're still pretty small.

I'm not sure what the shrubs on the left are. They were left over from the previous owner. I'm thinking of replacing them with small boxwood hedges. If you have another suggestion, I'd love to hear it.

I love you idea of putting in stepping stones to match the house. I'm not wild about the stones on the house, but they're not going anywhere soon, so maybe tying them in would help it look better.

We were playing with the idea of planting 2 or 3 smaller trees. Perhaps a red leaf plum, small maple, dogwood or crabapple. I'm really indecisive though. Do you have a suggestion on something that would grow well, but not get too big so that it interferes with getting into the garage? The house faces east, and is in san jose (I think climate zone 7). The space is 10' long, by 4' wide.

Thanks again, you have great ideas!
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I agree to plant smaller trees w/ground cover by driveway......such as crepe myrtle or river birch...I would use paver stones on the walkway to match house to break up concrete...and I would eliminate what looks like a concrete addition at the side of the driveway as now the driveway overpowers the house.....can the curvy garage door windows be changed......and I would eliminate the dark screen from the upper deck....nice house,enjoy......if you plant trees, do them all the same, I see at least 3......
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The garage is a major focus. Add an arbor over the garage doors and plant with an evergreen vine. Add several River Birch Trees to the right beside the garage. Underplant with colorful flowers. Consider a picket fence across the front Beautiful home.
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You need to create some shade over your drive to cut the glare, something like the tree you have in the front of the picture would work well planted either side, towards the front. For the side garden select plants with colourful and varied foliage to reflect the lovely sunny appearance of your home. Make sure they can grow to full size without constant trimming.
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Thanks everyone for the advice! I really appreciate it :-)
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