Utility pole
Julie Fortier
May 6, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have this leaning utility pole in front of our house. We are considering expanding (garage, master suite), but I am wondering how this pole is/will impacting the value of our home. We love our location, and expanding seems like the right thing to do, but I am concerned about resell impact because of this pole. We have contacted utilities companies about 10yrs ago, and they quoted us close to 40k to install a new one (still on our property). Any advice from anyone who has been through this?
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Are you saying that they expected you to pay for the repalcement?? That is insane!
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Julie Fortier
That's correct. It's on the village set back so apparently I have no say into this, and if I want it replaced I was told I have to pay for it.
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keep complaining......the squeaky wheel gets the oil...............looks dangerous to me....
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Did they even come out and look at it? I would go to their office in person with this photo. I would also go to the village and complain (nicely) about the utility company. Tell them it is an eyesore, but more inportantly, the whole neighborhood woulul be effected when it falls down during a storm. or worse, it falls on someone. And as it was ten years ago that you asked, I would try again. New people perhaps may be more understanding after hurricane Sandy...
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