Master bedroom color
ashleyjeanneMay 6, 2013
We just bought our first house and are in desperate need of color selection help. I was thinking maybe a warm beige or greige. We also like greens too. I just have no idea how the room would look because its such a blank canvas and the floors are so rich in color. I would love any suggestions!
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Hi Ashley, The floors are beautiful, love the oak grain with the rich stain. Since you have these small windows I would not go with a color that has gray undertones, I would consider a clear color. I think that would also be best to compliment your beautiful flooring. Since you can go in just about any direction let's start with the colors that YOU look best in. What colors of clothing do you get the most compliments on? What colors make you feel fantastic when you wear them? ~Cherie
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Put together a look book on houzz. Look at them all and decide what you've leaning towards- then do it! While grey/ beige can be great, it's also really safe. Don't be afraid of color. You have a lot if angles, so make sure to try your colors on each wall. One last thing, pick out your headboard, curtains and rug first. You can always repaint the walls. Good luck!
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We're very earth friendly so we absolutely love earthy neutrals. I have so many pictures in my houzz look book, but I do tend to go very safe. It's just so confusing with paint because I want it to be relaxing but not boring.
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Paint color, being the easiest thing to match to other items in a room, is generally the thing you want to choose last. I'd suggest choosing bedding and carpet first, and let that dictate the walls and window treatments.
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I'm not a pro, but love this kind of conversation. I think I would try to decide where to get my color and my "calm", since its a bedroom you want some tranquility. Either calm goes on your walls or into your bedcovers, curtains etc.. One thing I am is an artist, and every color is in nature. You could have orange, yellow, pink or green on your walls, then calm it down with everything else. Some of my faves... (The last one is mine)
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It is much easier to select your bed covering first. Choose a color from that. Paint color can be matched to anything.

What colors do you consider "relaxing?" Look for these colors in your bedding and other items for the room.

Best wishes.
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Our bedding is mostly beige with brown and black, and black swirl designs. It has a sparkly sheen to the material.
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Art is also an excellent choice for inspiration when choosing a paint color for a room. :)
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I have two favorite colors for light and one dark, both B M: alexandria beige (I have in our master) and silken pine.

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Dallas, Texas
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Your room has so much character already with the interesting lines of the ceiling and beautiful floors. These wall colors would be very nice with those floors! Good luck!
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I would pick a color from the bedspread, especially if it is new and expensive. If it is old and cheap, do nothing until you can get something great - think Ralph Lauren on eBay.
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Nancy Walton
AshleyJeanne, You don't say what part of the world you're from, but consider the climate when choosing a color for your attic bedroom. If you're in a northern climate where winters are cold, and summers are overcast, choose a warm beige, otherwise you will feel cold in your bedroom year 'round. If you are in a warm climate, where the sun is out most of the time, choose a cooler color, and you won't feel too hot in your bedroom. Above all, whichever tone you choose, go light, otherwise, you will feel the walls closing in on you and the room will feel "cave like."
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