What color rug with charcoal grey couch and cream arm chair??
May 8, 2013
I'm having trouble finding the right color rug for my living room. I have a dark charcoal colored couch and a cream/white arm chair and ottoman. I wanted to add some color to the room, but still have it be traditional looking. I want to avoid anything too contemporary or anything oriental. Anyone have any ideas for colors/styles?
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You are all neutral. So, just about any color would work. What color were you leaning to for an accent color? What color is on the walls?
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I agree with Darzy that just about any color could work, but I'd keep a brighter color in small doses. So perhaps a rug that had your accent color in it as a minor element along with charcoal and cream, and then some throw pillows, lamps, or artwork referencing the accent color. I also think a gray and cream palette can beautiful all on its own:

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That is a beautiful picture! Unfortunately, the couch is REALLY dark grey (I'm not a fan, but my husband loves it). It is more of a "coal" color. I want to brighten up the room, so I was thinking of maybe accents of yellow or light blue?? The walls are a cream right now, but I was thinking of painting them a very, very light grey. All the rugs I have been seeing have funky designs or are too dark. I want my room to be cheerful (like the pic above), but I'm afraid I'm doomed with the dark couch...
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I think either light blue or yellow would be lovely! So paint your walls a very light gray, choose a rug that is maybe 70-80% cream, with 10% charcoal and 10-20% your accent color (these are just rough proportions to give you an idea of how light it can be), put a cream colored throw over part of the charcoal sofa, with come cream colored accent pillows along with ones in your accent color, and you'll be surprised how much it will lighten the room! I love charcoal gray couches, even though they do darken a room, and I think you'll be able to incorporate it without too much difficulty. Or you could even choose a solid cream color rug (maybe a fluffy flokati?) and leave all the patterns and accents to the pillows and artwork?
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I like feeny's suggestion of a flokati or shag rug to lighten your space and to add your color with pillows. Alternatively, since you don't like funky patterns or oriental rugs, what about a subtle stripe. You should be able to mix other patterns and colors with something relatively neutral.
Here's an example with a dark couch and some of the accent colors you are considering.

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I love all these suggestions!!! Thank you all so much!!
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