How can I make my front door look more inviting?

tribecamom2May 8, 2013
House color is Wedgewood Gray, door is Caribbean Teal. Don't want to repaint, just want to spruce it up and give it a little more "curb appeal."
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thorougly clean the steps. maybe even stain the concrete. definitely needs flowers,plants flowering bushes of various heights infront of the house. Plants will be the big draw here.
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Jayme H.
I really like your lights/lanterns..but they are so light they somewhat blend with the siding..sort of small too. Some taller, colorful plants against your foundation would help...Even placing 2 pots flanking sidewalk with nice, colorful pots and arrangements could help...would prob. have to level spots off first ...
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Power wash the concrete steps to brighten them up. You can also use some concrete wash/brightener.
Plant a pair of tall evergreens to flank the door in your planters.
Upgrade the house numbers with a larger plaque.
Add a couple small pots on the landing/stairs with colorful annuals.
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I would find some slate in earth tones - they would relate to these colors beautifully, and clad the steps. Take high heat black spray paint to your light fixtures and house numbers so they pop against the background more and help tie in the railings. Then, if you want to plant some taller flowering bushes on either side of your stoop along with the beautiful shrubs I see now - that would be great.
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You could also replace the sconces with ones that are in a black finish and slightly larger. Then replace the knocker and handle set with a black finish to match.
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I put brick pavers up my side walk . Then ordered a outdoor rug from Frontgate . Looks great
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Barbara Griffith Designs
If possible paint the white framing around the door the color of the door, to make it look larger. Larger black lanterns, repaint the railings black. All new larger & black accessories..knocker, handles, and house numbers. If you can, I would consider enlarging the size of the concrete porch a least twice the size of the current one. Enlarge the railing around it and add 2 large black pots flanking the door that contain either colorful plants or a scrub. Quite inexpensive and really update the look of the front facade.
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I love your paint colors.
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I agree with Barbara Griffith Designs. To be honest that door looks more like a back or side door because the entry is so narrow. Widening that space if your budget allows would immediately make it more welcoming. As it is now it's a little confusing. Even if it is facing the street/parking, it just doesn't say 'Hi, this is the front door!'

If your budget doesn't allow for at least a doubling of the railing, steps and landing area, you might be able to fool the eye by placing large, full potted evergreen topiaries on pedestals flanking the handrails. The pedestals should be tall enough that bottom of the pots sit at the same level as the concrete landing.

Er, also, has anyone from your local emergency services mentioned your house number plate needs to be more visible? Maybe a darker, glossier coat of the teal to create a contrast? (I also love the colours, nice combination that looks great together!)
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I think we are going to power wash it per some of your suggestions. Then what? Would you paint it? I'd like to keep it simple because this is a seasonal residence and I'm working on several other projects at the same time - the door is low on the priority list! But the more I look at it and hear all your great ideas, the more I want to do something beautiful! Paint would be easy - any color recommendations?
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Yellow might be a fun color for the door. I love the color you are using, but to brighten it up...
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New stairs, definitely. Black hardware.

Cottage and Vine · More Info
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kathleen MK
Spraying the railings white to match trim would help them fade into the trim. Maybe re-attach them to the outsides of the steps to open the space a tiny bit. While adding a foot or more to each side would be best, some tall planters next to the steps could help visually widen the entry.
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Shoreline Renovations
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Roc+Solid Land Design
I would redo the steps. Widen them and add planters on either side to accommodate rails.
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Depending on your budget...a larger porch is the best outcome.

If it's a limited budget, as others suggested, either paint or purchase larger black porch lights. Keep the railing black, and personally, I'd paint that storm door to match the other black accents.

The color of your house is pretty, but if you want contrast...painting things white isn't the way to go!

I would also get some large urns for plants & place them just outside the bottom of your railings. That will give that area a wider appearance.
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Sunnie2day made an EXCELLENT point about your house numbers! We're this close to your photos & I bet nearly all missed the fact that they're there.

Paint them BLACK! (I'd actually get larger ones)
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Renewed Treasures by Tess
I like the color of your door but you need accents to make it pop and not be boring. get some black glaze on the rectangle sections of the main door. paint the door knocker black and also the glass door knob black. your footing and main frame of door (The one that is white ) needs to be black. I would also paint the lantern lights a pewter color with black glaze to bring it all together.
I would also pressue wash the steps and add the same blue from the door into the diamonds on your mat. you can even paint the word welcome in black on the main door.
I hope that helps :)
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Interior Affairs -- Vickie Daeley
If you aren't able to widen the stairs to the door, I would suggest changing out the lanterns to bigger lanterns and using planters beneath each one with a taller greenery with some flowers planted at the base for a pop of color.
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