Kitchen backsplash, island countertops and perimeter countertops.
May 9, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Does anyone have carrerra marble countertops regret getting them? My husband is way against getting them and I'm way on the other side of wanting marble on my island. Islands dark brown
6.6 ft long x 3.4 ft wide. The L shaped perimeters counters I'd liked to be in honed absolute black granite. The cabinets around perimeter are painted in BM white dove. I've used antique brass pulls on the white cabinets and crystal knobs on the island. The kitchen gets lots of light and has a nice breakfast nook with bench seating as well as chairs around a light Paula Deene table. Oh, and how do the professional designers feel a chandelier x 2 would look over the island? Oh please help me because all the manufactures of granite and marble say no way they'd suggest marble in a kitchen. One designer did suggest using marble on 3/4 of the island and the rest a butcher block. nice idea i loved, he should be a marriage counsellor! So you are the professionals and I would love to get any advice I can.
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Raashi Design
Marble counters, being porous, stains easily. But, if you use a commercial grade sealant and be careful about the spills (anything acidic) and can cleanup as soon as it happens, it looks good on the island against the black granite you have.
Chandelier over island will look good, but 2 might be an overkill, then again depends on the size of the fixtures...
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Search on quartzite contertops on Houzz. You'll see some beautiful examples that look a lot like marble, but quartzite is about the hardest, most durable countertop you can buy. I just had my island done in a dark quartzite and it's amazing. Light quartzite is more common and it sounds like that's what you are after. It's pricey, but well worth it.
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Marble with a honed or leather finish (not polished) that has been sealed will perform beautifully in a kitchen. You will need to reapply a sealer 2-3 times a year and as mentioned above, you will want to be mindful of things that can stain and wiping in a timely manner. As long as you are aware of the proper care and maintenance which sounds much worse than it is, you shouldn't be afraid to use it.
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Love Quartzite/quartz but its way to $$$ for my kitchen. When I retire then ill do all the things I couldn't do with kids! But having two kids eating and doing homework at the island I don't want to be stressed out that they've got some mustard we didn't see on the marble until 4 hrs later. I love the look, has anyone done marble on 3/4 leaving the last 1/4 for a butcher block? What kind of wood would be great for a butcher block and is it sealed to the marble or is the wood layed on top? Almost "fitted" onto the marble. Think removable cutting board. Hmmmm actually I like that idea. Best of both worlds. Make the wood moveable up and down the island.??? Thinking out loud.
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Kevin Retired Decorator
Marble stains granite that looks like marble dose not ! So go with the look you like with out the problems I say ! Look at everything that has the feel you want but easy care. Normally people don't know what real marble is any way and other materials have the look of real marble with easy care. I like no added patina from the day I put in a kitchen. I would also go with one big chandelier for a lux look unless your island is over 8 feet long. It's not. Possibly 2 smaller ones. I would hate having red wine stains on a new kitchen counter. Even sealers are a pain to keep up with. For a country french look a wood counter that is dark wood and beefy 6" thick top would look great with a crystal Chandelier. I would want all the same surface on the island to use as a buffet when I had company. If the dining area is in the same room I would get a even bigger chandelier matching over that table. Of course pics would really help out in these questions. I would also not get a solid black counters for the rest of the kitchen, but something with a speck of white or gray. I have had black counter tops and they showed every speck of salt, flower, sugar etc. I'm a bit OCD in a Kitchen and bath wanting them to always look spotless. Who am I kidding I like everything spotless. lol And always have even with kids in the house & their friends.
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Studio 3 kitchens
be very very honest with your self, do you 'Live' in your kitchen i.e. it doesn't look like a showroom all the time? will you clean up religiously ALL the time and do you prepare everything on a large chopping block? because if the answer is no then Marble is not for you. All the Stone fabricators I know would make you sign a disclaimer that's the industry saying its not recommended and to some degree that would apply to Honed Assoluto as well is its also susceptible to oil and water marks.
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Old post!!!
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We, here in PA, make a lot of Carrara kitchens. Half and half between honed and polished. Now is not like even three years ago, people are more careful, cleaning products are more performant, sealer is of higher resistance. A recent client signed up with a Dupont rep to get the 15 year seal. In conclusion, yes it's a bit more care with the marble, but YES, you can do it and love it.
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