Exterior ideas- small but striking ideas

lsdicksonMay 12, 2013
Hi all, have admired many of the creative ideas you have, so wondered if you could give me some ideas which are inexpensive and a small change but would make this a striking house, not just a very nice one.

The door way in particular blends into home and not sure what can do with this. The centre bay window is a living room opposite the kitchen which is to back of house.

Any and all ideas welcome x
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HERE Design and Architecture
Personally, I think the house is essentially supposed to feel soft and there are several things stopping that from happening at this point. I think the white is perhaps too white? You might try something with just a little dirt in the color (i.e. grey and brown but still basically a white), and then I would paint the window frames and door frames a darker but still fairly neutral color - brown, dark blue with some grey and green in it, etc. I would get a different door. Your house has some very nice architecture and the shape of the glazing in the door doesn't relate. Find something maybe with a rectangular light in it; look at some arts and crafts doors to get a better sense. Change the garage doors to something more like a carriage door, and either do all of the doors in stained finishes or something in a medium to slightly dark value, (possibly the same as the window trim for the garage doors.) The entry area seems to have a very small stoop which I can't see very well but, if it were my place, I might consider building a porch that pretty much filled in that whole area with some columns at the front and creeping roses or something similar.
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HERE Design and Architecture
Actually, I think the house would be pretty great if you painted the walls a saffron color.
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Thank you. The windows are PVC, double glazed, so common in the UK, and not a lot of options to paint.

The idea of the door and porch great, and very do-able
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HERE Design and Architecture
Unpaintable windows are the bane of my existence. ;)
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Liked this idea for door area but on a smaller scale. But not sure how to blend the look with the bay window?!
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HERE Design and Architecture
I don't see why there would be an issue with the bay window but I think I would go for something a little simpler in style with maybe more mass to the columns or even a short wall below. Part of what your house has going for it is really lovely massive quality and simplicity. Here are two different porches, one with stucco columns and an integral wall, the other with wood columns and a brick wall. The proportions of the porch for the second aren't right, but, I just wanted to send what I thought might be a simpler column style.


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The Color People
Get rid of the white. As tastemaker Andrew Jackson Downing declared back in the 1840's "White is always harsh and unnatural amidst any surroundings." It remains true to this day. A softer earthier color or even an off white would soften the house and tie all the pieces together including the roof and the bays. Lower the constrast of the trim to some off white to go with the body color you have selected. A white trim creates contrast which, again, keeps the house from feeling whole and dramatic. Perceiving the house in pieces instead of a whole will keep the house from being striking.

With all the lovely landscaping, look at the house in terms of being sort of cottagey- nestled in the landscaping and being not just an integral part of the yard, but the focus of everything.
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Thank you both,
Here, think I can see what you driving at. Can see the first example working. I've worked out why I thought the bay was an issue fir me, as I like symmetry and clean 'boxes' and couldn't get my head round putting an addition to doorway. But can see it working now.

I like the darker colours the US use, gives a depth, UK tend to use cream and white a lot to the exterior. Will have a play around with colours
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HERE Design and Architecture
Arts and Crafts buildings go more for the picturesque over the symmetrical.
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