Side of house/yard UGLY & difficult
May 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Help! difficult design issue. My lot is approx 90 ft wide x120 ft deep. On the side of my house my neighbour and I share an existing sewer line for our culdesac, so I cannot build or plant anything thats permanent, from approx 10 ft from their fence into my yard (which leaves me 10ft to work with) and 120ft deep from the street to my backyard. We have a gate on this side oof our house that faces the street and hides our boat and this city access strip. The city would only have to remove one post thats holding our gate to have full access.! My dilemma, what can I do to make this area look appealing without breaking the no permanent clause? This area ( from the side of my house to our neighbours fence) is approx 20 ft wide so I can "plant" on half of this width ( 10ft) from the side of my house, which also has stairs going from the gate to my backyard). This side area slopes too, from the gate to my backyard (90ft), its relatively flat where the boat is and then gradually gets steeper to the backyard which then levels out. So the real sharp slope is approx 20ft long. Theres only gravel there now. I look at this ugly area which, when sitting in the backyard, you can see half way up. Lawn I thought of but it gets fairly steep, thought of making " layers" with ties but that maybe seen as permanent. Hope this gives a good visual. It's just a long strip of land they need access to. 120x10ft. Please can anyone come up with something. My neighbours have ignored this clause and have built a shed and trees, they don't seem worried, they've said in the 15 yrs since they've lived there no one has ever come, but it could happen and I'm not paying the city to remove things if they need access and then be charged for it later. Any ideas I'd love. Thank you so very much for your time and expertise.
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Planter boxes?
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.I am not a tradesperson or a landscape specialist but a woman living alone and managing my property.
Over the years I've found that I am pretty good at solving problems like this..
.I own a private access easement over the adjacent lot for a water pipeline that carries water I pump up the hill from a nearby creek.
It has nothing to do with the city but planting and building on my easement is also not permitted..."nothing permanent".
The rule is there to avoid tree roots damaging the pipelines. I've had to argue with my neighbour about his trees planted on my easement. He doesn't understand and I am sure your neighbours have not thought this through otherwise they would not have built on that easement.
You don't want to do what your neighbours have done building sheds and planting trees...not even on the part of your land where it is permissable for you to do so....
Eventually with the passage of years and the growth of the trees any nearby tree roots will grow towards the sewer pipes and the pipes could get clogged up. with tree roots.

If this happens, and you have trees there too, even if they are planted on the part of your land where it is permissable, the responsibility for clearing the pipes will be on your neighbour but, because you too will have planted trees (even where you may) there will be an argument over WHOSE tree roots are causing the problem!
Believe me, you do not want that to no trees, nothing with long roots that can grow towards the sewer pipes.

Your word description gives a good idea but could you post some pictures?

You mentioned 'layering' with 'ties'..
Did you mean making a terrace with different levels using car tyres?
This could work well...The levels could be better 'engineered' with smaller units like TYRES.
Google something like " Making retainer walss with car tyres...and see what you find.

The tyres could be filled in with gravel...some half filled with soil for growing small decorative plants like succulents... You could create a ROCK GARDEN = without roots, .a gardenthat is not "permanent" can't cause any problems in the sewer pipes...
.THAT is what it is really all about....the city needing access in case of pipes meeding maintenance
.Create a multilevel terrace, fill the tyres with gravel, don't plant anything where the roots will grow towards the sewer pipes.
I think that the rule "no permenent structure" is so to avoid problems with roots...and its also a city access to maintain the sewer you put on that land MUST be removable and I think this is the idea behind "no permanent".
TYRES, if the city allows their use, are a really good solution and don't cost much or anything at all.

Sharon's idea of planter boxes is a good one as would be any kind of removeable containers.... but multi levels made of car tyres are easier to engineer...and remove if ever necessary.
Above all...nothing with roots that could grow over into the sewer pipes.
Google gardening with tyres...which you can disguise in many ways....and post some pics of your land if you can.
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