Rain Chains-Do they actually work?
May 14, 2013
If you have installed a rain chain, I would love to hear about your experiences with them, when they work, and at what point they no longer work (volume of water flow, wind load, etc.). Rain chains are attached either to gutters, canales here in the southwest, or open roof areas to control and direct rainwater.
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I had one on my home in New Hampshire. I loved the sounds it made. I did have a bit of troble with it in winter, if I didn't keep it from building up an icicle. it could have gotten heavy enough to rip the gutter off the roof. It did hit the house and do minor amage, in a hurrican-like storm, once, but it took a really fierce wind, from one direction to do that. I think I had it for about eight years.
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Thx! I hadn't thought yet of freezing issues, which would definitely be a problem at 7,100 feet. I've considered grounding the chain to prevent wind damage and direct the water flow.
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We have them in Switzerland. Two things: have a drain installed at the bottom (and cover it with rock or pebbles) to ensure the rain water is channelled away from the building rather than puddling into it; second, they are expected to ice up in the winter (in cold climates) but as they slowly melt the water trickles down the chain.

The only time they don't work is when the hole into which they drain is too small for the volume of water pumping through (heavy downpours). But this is about 1/20 of the time.
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