Kitchen Help???
May 14, 2013
I am up for painting the cabinets but keeping the terra cotta tile floor. Any ideas for colours/ techniques to update?
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your picture is so small it's hard to see whats going on
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Talita Gasparotto
paint with beige and diminuish the height of the island
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I would not paint the cabinets. If you want change, change the wall color and stools and pic on the wall, and if you can new oven in black.
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Frishta Khuram
i can barely make out whats in the picture but i can already see theres toomuch brown, can u provide more pics?
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I would paint it white. Your floor will show more and the space will look contemporary and clean ( the oven will not show as much by beeing the same color as the cabinets, this would be a good thing since it's outdated) Paint the stools legs in white. Change art on the wall for something modern. I would use a orchid or any kind of plant, flowers, to give it more life.
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I think painting cabinets white is a great idea. As for the floors, I would consider a super dark wood. Or even better, they make a ceramic tile that is planked and looks just like dark wood, that would wear much better in the kitchen. good luck!
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She wants to keep the floor. If you want to paint the cabinets, I have read it is a very cautious procedure to do it right and it must be done properly so there is no chipping, etc., off of the paint. If you paint, yes white. You might want to check out kitchens in Houzz also for ideas.
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Thanks for all the input. The pic is from a realtor listing as we haven't taken possession yet! Excited to get started!
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Granite Transformations
I would agree, go with an antique or distressed white. You could keep the flooring and kitchen paint as is. Can't really tell what you have for counters. I would suggest updating the appliances to stainless steel. Last recommendation would be to update the backsplash too. I would recommend our pearl subway tile, which you can see here-

Good luck with the move and remodeling!
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