6years old girls bedroom
Mike WalkerMay 15, 2013
I need ideas. We have just moved and my daughter wants an Enchanted bedroom and ballerinas. Not sure where to start, any ideas are welcome.
Julie x
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Unless you have the money to repaint every few years, may I suggest picking a nice light color that will stay on the walls for years, pale yellow, pink, rose, etc. Then use accessories like throws, pillows, pictures, lamps, etc for the rest. You could even use removable decals on the walls. If she likes Disney, use a Tinkerbell lamp. You can get switch plates at any local hardware store that has princesses on it. If you can't find an affordable curtain, make one out of bedsheets that already have the type of print she likes, it's less expensive, easier, and already hemmed, than fabric. Or if you have the money, have a local seemstress make designer curtains from material you have picked out. I'm not pushing Disney, but their store (online catalog) has lots of Enchanted ideas.
As far as Ballerinas, you could make a tutu lamp shade (as long as it doesn't get hot). Strip a lamp shade and use jewelry wire and baubles in vertical strips (different colors and sizes) then hang it from the ceiling over the existing light. This would glow pretty colors when the light is on.
Pictures/posters of ballerinas in various sizes hung on the wall in various posses would also look great.
Place a hook in the ceiling over her bed then drape some shear fabric down to create a tower like area. You can place it at the head of the bed for a little accent or the center of the bed to encompass the entire bed. Make sure you find a ceiling joist for the hook.
Remember it's cheaper to buy new accessories every few years than it is to repaint.
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A. Peltier Interiors
I would add in the enchanted or ballerina theme in just your art and accessories. So search online, etsy or art.com and find some art that you like. Then start to work your room around that. Find bedding, drapes and a color palette based on this art and your room will look pulled together. Good luck and what a fun project for you and your daughter!
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Lift and Stor Beds
An idea that kids love when they're young because it's "cool" and when they're older because of its functionality is a hidden bed! http://storagebeds.com/products/hidden-beds Or if you need more storage room for her toys, there are storage beds as well http://storagebeds.com/products/storage-beds
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