Need Help finishing my family room with some color
May 15, 2013
We just go a brown sectional. I wanted a different bright color but was out voted by my hubby and sons. They love the "feel" of the new sectional and frankly it had brought them all back together spending so much time now in our family room. Problem is now the room is a little dark for me and I would like to know what can I do to lighten things up. Also need help on suggestions for what to put over the fireplace (maybe a mirror), need some sort of table (maybe round) and lamps, one floor and another table. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Craig CraigMDesigns
An area rug would help to minimize the high contrast of the very dark sectional against the very light carpet, something light with soft colors and pattern. It will also minimize dirt and wear.
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How about replacing the formal QA coffee with a couple of light colored leather storage cubes or a bench so the guys will feel comfortable putting their feet up? I see you have an orange one - you could match it but I'd want it to be easy to wipe off. Agree with a large light patterned area rug. You can actually find some good looking large indoor/outdoor rugs at Easy to clean up spills as the room gets more use and abuse. I would hang the art over the FP - or have a family portrait done to hang there. Mirrors need to be beautiful or interesting or they should reflect something beautiful or interesting. Ceiling fans don't qualify as either, but I would consider replacing the contemporary looking white one with one more in line with the finish on your credenza. Would like to see more substantial decorative rods on your drapes but I think fabric roman blinds would be more suitable to the space now.
Raleigh Upholstered Storage Cube with Nailhead
Raleigh Upholstered Storage Bench With Nailhead
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I love the idea of an area rug but did not consider putting an area rug over wall to wall carpets. Will definitely shop for your suggestion. Also Like the idea of storage cubes since the family already pulls the one orange one over to rest their feet on. I like what you have pictured but should I go with such a light color or stick with colors I already have? Will also seek out replacing ceiling fan with wood finish fan. Family like it's function. That's always my issue I have to have function for the guys while I like the look. Bottom line is they are happy with functional decor that I have to make look good.
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I was thinking light because you already said the sofa is making the room too dark for your taste. The area rug may take care of that issue, so I'd get it first, then decide on the storage/footstools. You may want to invest in a backing or padding to put between the area rug and your carpet to prevent sliding and some rough jute backings might cause a bit of wear on the carpet if not padded. Ask where you purchase your rug.
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Seems like you have lots of dark "squares" in the room. Your fireplace tile and hearth are dark, coffee table, other leather recliner and what looks like another table and runner across from couch. I love the idea of cubes of fabric ottoman for a coffee table. Can you eliminate the leather recliner since it looks like couch provides adequate seating. I would replace table lamp with a arc type floor lamp. Curtains beside fireplace are blocking window which I understand is due to window being too close to fireplace and curtains behind couch are blocked. Maybe replace with nice bamboo blinds for texture.
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A Crew of Two
Choose a bold pattern to balance the 'weight' of the leather sofa. I see reds in the room, but not sure if you are keeping the curtains. SOLD OUT! Modern Delos Area Rug - ,399 Est. Retail - 0 on Moda Area Rug Sphinx Area Rug These could look really nice in your space and brighten the room.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-
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