Living Room UPGRADE HELP!!!
Erica Davis
May 17, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Looking to redo the living room. We have orange flower ashley furniture and solid wood end tables+coffee table that will not be replaced. We need advice on how to upgrade this living room. Decorations, rearranging, any advice to make this room POP! The brown tree I painted on the wall and was going to do a family tree with pics, just haven't but the flowers on it are just spring decorations that are coming down. Any advice is appreciated :)
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Erica Davis
I can post more pics if needed!
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Aaah seems a shame to have to redecorate your lovely tree ! Do you have a top ten of colours that help you relax ?! Or a favourite fabric that you plan to use - anything inspirational ?!
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How about something larger over the sofa? Hung lower. Perhaps the photos you have displayed there could be used for the family tree - cute idea, by the way!
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To allinkune... Your comment is pointless and shows neither taste nor class, so perhaps don't say anything until you have something helpful to add...
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Allinkune needs to be shut down. Inappropriate comments on every discussion.
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Erica Davis
oh wow I saw the comment allinkune put.... our family got a kick out of it LOL, but we don't watch tv enough to justify having anything "better/bigger". HAHA, Kind of ridiculous. Thank you all for the comments :) I like the idea about changing above the couch. What about lighting? We don't have good lighting during the evening but can't figure out what type of lamps to get. I would definitely like to keep the tree since I freehand that one evening. It was fun :) Just need to get curtains and better touches to the living room.
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Interiors International, Inc.
A larger piece over the sofa will be better. I would consider a multi-head floor lamp in the corner instead of the small table lamp. It will give you much more light.
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Allinkune must have been bad,BAD, since it was evidently deleted :) Love to see real homes, not decorator model homes. I love the tree---I would keep going with it!
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Erica Davis
Thank you Lynne :) Yes just a simple 3 bedroom ranch style home. Love it, simple yet dressing it up!
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Your family tree is so interesting! However, I feel that it needs to extend farther into the center of the wall, perhaps lengthening a branch or adding some birds flying in or taking off, that would cover more of the wall. Another bird could have landed on the door frame by the front door!

Here is an idea that would be a change by just rearranging the furniture.

Move the tv unit over to the half wall dividing the kitchen/LR. I realize that you might not have cable hookup there, but if this arrangement works, it might be worth having that done.

Move the sofa in front of the windows. The love seat on the wall across from the sofa. The chair where the tv was, and add the cute desk from the kitchen next to the chair. Place the desk on the front door side of the chair.

You have a lot of things sitting around and you could edit those quite a bit. A large art piece would add the POP you are missing. If you are trying to protect your upholstery, using towels and blankets, it would make a big difference to go to a fabric shop and find yardage that blends in with your palette. I have found that fleece works well. It stays put when tucked in, it is washable, it comes at least 60" wide and in many colors and you could find a hue that is close to one of the colors in your pillows. No hemming/sewing necessary. It also goes on sale about this time of year - well, where I live anyway. If the upholstery covers were tucked in and were in a more subtle color, that alone would help the space look better.

Your dog is adorable! So many people go to great lengths to make the family home the pet's too! I'm one of them! =^.^=
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