Help with shower reno!
Sasha Retana
May 17, 2013
hello all -

here is my dilemma:
we are moving into a new home. The bathroom has these gorgeous windows, but the shower is inside a little cave. We plan to take down the current set up, and replace it with a glass custom shower, probably of the same shape and size as the current shower.

The rest of the bathroom is staying as is for now because of budget issues. however, we do plan to re-do it in a few years, get rid of the corian hunter green counter tops and sinks, get a new mirror and lighting, and maybe replace the aged marble tile. The layout will probably stay the same.

So the dilemma is to pick out fixtures and tiling that would look good with what we have there, but also be amenable to renovation down the line.

What would folks recommend?

attached are the pictures of the current bathroom. the vase and giraffe are not mine.
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Hi Sasha, Congrats on your shower remodel! :) Check out these two tile series:
Imola Koshi series. IAKIAD - Almond
DalTile Kimona Silk series -- P320 White Orchid
McKenna Master Bath
Modern Bathroom 1
Modern Bathroom 2
Modern Bathroom 3
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What an interesting set up. Why not demolish the entire side of cabinets and rebuild one long vanity to the shower? I am trying to work out why that return breaks up the vanity and dresser?
modern master bathroom
Transitional Master Bath

Of course I agree the shower should be turned into a glass custom shower.
If you are doing that side, I would suggest doing the entire side.
Some ideas:
Master Bathroom
Cedar Park Residence 13
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Sasha Retana
Thank you. We considered taking down that cabinet, but the problem is we don't have any more of this tile, and it is at least 20 yrs old.
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Sasha Retana
Asvinteriors: you can't tell from the pictures, but the vanity and mirror are not next to the shower but along the wall perpendicular to it. There's a little wall and dresser and the toilet in the corner. I don't get it either. In the future, I might put a door there for a private toilet instead.
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Actually, what I would advise is: wait with the renovation of the bathroom until you have funds enough to do the entire room in one go. Then design your dream bathroom and go for it.
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I agree with Carolins. Why design your partial renovation around ugly tile and cabinets you want to replace later? You will just waste money and never get the finished look you want. Wait and save up and do the whole bathroom at once.
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and to third that, the costs of doing half a renovation are usually way more than half the cost of doing an entire bathroom!
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Sasha Retana
Bc I can't imagine showering in there....
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How about if you remove the door? Would the water flow out too much? Looking for solutions that work with your dilemma but keep better options open.
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Hmm... yes... removing the door could be an option?

We lived in a house that had a beautiful bathroom according to the former owners, but it was really not to my taste. Not ugly enough to do something about it though. Had it been depressing enough, we'd have put the funds that went towards the garden towards the bathroom.
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I don't know what is inside the wall by the giraffe, but would it be possible to create a glassed opening to allow light into the shower? It might be a cheaper temporary solution.

To be honest, I chose a cave shower on purpose! I didn't want to fight well water spots on all that glass and couldn't hide the multitude of curly hair products. Also, I feared my hubby would never leave the bathroom if I was showering. LOL
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I'm with curly - install a glass panel in the giraffe wall. Use whatever inexpensive tile might match the caveshower stone on the inside of the shower, and just drywall on the exterior. Still, that's going to approach a thousand bucks unless you can do it yourself with confidence. The old throwing good money after bad adage. Good luck! (P.S. and yes, if you can just remove the door completely without spraying water out on the floor that will make if feel more open. Our new shower is like that - no door or anything. I'm not sure if have photos uploaded to Houzz, will do it right now if I haven't...)
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Sasha Retana
The plumbing is in that wall, but yeah, the plan is to knock down wall and door/frame, move shower to the opposite wall, put in a rain shower, and glass panel and door. I guess I will do white or gray tiles and floor that goes with everything.
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Plumbing can always be re-worked, but that obviously adds to the cost...good luck!
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