Need help arranging furniture in my living room.
May 20, 2013
My living room has two large doorways which face each other and two large windows. The rug and ottomans are newer but the couch, recliner and coffee table will go. There is a fireplace opposite the windows.
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the essentials inside
Hi trescool. Any chance you could upload some more views of the room?

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Yes, we need to see all four "walls" even if some of them aren't actual walls.
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You need to put the photos you posted in the other thread in a comment under here. Just do a comment and attach images. Good luck!
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Take a picture from the fireplace so we can see the whole window. What is to the left of the fireplace too?
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Combine the threads.
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So far, you haven't gotten much input from Houzzers because you have this Dilemma on two different threads. Please use this original post, adding the other photos using the comment box and button below it to Attach Images that you've posted elsewhere. Then delete the second post. You should start to get more suggestions then. Thanks.
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Doug Durando
Here are the other two images. Hope this helps!
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We need to see the whole space. Fireplace wall left side , window wall, not just bits and pieces if you want us to help.
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Poor thing- I've been reading your other posting attempts. I can make a few suggestions:
Running your seating along the windows will open the room considerably; this is one instance where sectional seating may be a boon. The piano would then go on the opposite wall, where your blue picture is now. I like your coffee table w the new rug, and think it might be worth reconsideration. The artwork in front of the fireplace would look much better over the fireplace, and a third row of shelves to either side, with an ottoman under each, will balance that end of the room, with the cello either just in front, or placed next to the piano.
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There you are! Wondered when all the pics would come together! To keep the piano on an interior wall, make the corner where the blue pic is the music corner with piano and cello there. Hang the mirror from the dining room horizontally above the piano. In the cello recess I'd add a credenza under the shelves. I would float a sectional with equal sides, no chaise, in the window corner. Flank the FP with two swivel or accent chairs. Use your rug and add a smaller coffee table. I would eliminate the round side table as it is too large. Hang the red art where the mirror was in the dining room and light it appropriately. It will be seen from the sofa but won't overpower the FP with its smaller firebox. You need a large buffet under it (about 25% wider than the art as a minimum size.) Stationary drapery panels over fiber or fabric roman shades would add some softness and might make for better accoustics. Put the 3 storage ottomans under the half wall to the entry.
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Otis Swivel Chair, Emerald
Elegant Round Swivel Chair
Chelsea Home Lehigh Accent Chair - Streamer Opal
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Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I never considered moving the cello before but I think that's a great idea. I used to have the ottomans flanking the fireplace (there are 4 total) but moved them only because I didn't have any other seating near the couch. I know the shelves are a little odd (only having 2 on each side since the ceiling is not high) but I thought the ottomans there might balance that space. I had never considered a credenza there, but now I will! My main problem is where I should put a new couch because I wasn't sure if placing it in front of the windows was a good idea since the windows are so low, but I suppose floating it would be ok. I think I will also use your suggestions regarding chairs in front of the fireplace. Thanks again!
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Couldn't see both sides of the FP but a pair of credenzas that offer good storage would really complete your look. You might add a 3rd shelf to each side too, if there is still a gap. When shopping for a sectional, look for tight fitting upholstery, straight low back and no bulky padding. Keep it slim if possible and it will work with the windows. They are your perfect spot for it. Anxious to see your progress. If you don't have sliders to help moving, just cut bottoms off plastic milk or juice jugs. Post new photos on this same thread using the comment box and Attach Images button below it.
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