Old wooden floors to be painted. What color?

J BarrowMay 22, 2013
1875 rowhouse with upstairs wooden floor that was previously painted light grey with one wall of exposed brick, large skylight, large windows, has become master bedroom. Strong darkish blue was walls with white on ceiling and trim. All looked nice for some time but changing now and in confused as painter is coming tomorrow! We thought changing grey floor paint to 'Red brick' floor paint would be fun and shift mid-tone strong wall color to some quiet neutral.. but the red seems very strong and I'm worried that it will take away from bricks (quite varied in tones from deep red to pale to red/orange and lovely).. Also.. what about black floor? Should paint be high gloss, medium or matte if wood is towards rough planking over perfectly smooth? what would be easiest/simplest for care? we are both academics, work long hours.. like an orderly household and love eclectic collections.. (just sayin, we are 'casual')
Thanks so much for any thoughts! (we also tried some spot painting that had middle grey flooring vs. lighter grey) and a earthy yellow for wall -keeping white trim, my husband likes combo as do I but we both think this will not meet up with brick wall (one side of room) very successfully).
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Instead of black consider BM Westcott Navy. It really is more iron color than blue. I'm confused…is the floor rough or smooth, or both?
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Dark oxblood red looks good with brick, if you'd ask me. Semi-gloss will look good (no matte when red). Take a warm-tan-offwhite for everything else. Charcoal and steel accents (bed?), walnut furniture, wool/cowskin rug, suounds good to me.
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J Barrow
This is first time using Houzz and I'm so pleased for your replies!! The floor is not smooth like a tight new wood floor would be. It certainly doesn't have huge pits so my description of rough is hard to explain. The planks vary from 3" to 4" in width and due to age the spacing between many of the planks is more visible than again.. when wood is newer. The grain of the wood is apparent - for example I attempted to glaze darker grey over the lighter grey thinking that picking up the grain might be fun, but determined that it just looked messier... Anyway.. the iron color and the Darker oxblood red are both suggestions that i like and I appreciate the suggestion of semi-gloss
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Found you barrow!!
SW 7020 black fox
SW 7069 iron ore
SW 7083 darkroom
SW 6006 black bean
SW 6076 Turkish coffee
SW 6230 rainstorm. Like this a lot
SW 6328 fireweed
SW 6307 fine wine
SW 6188 shade-grown
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