Terri Smith
May 22, 2013
I have 2 walls adjacent to each other & wanted to mix yellow& teal...but now I think this this terrible...how can I fix this?
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Heather Hughes
do you have any additional photos?
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Terri Smith
The walls are each about 10 ft long & there is a hallway in between
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Terri Smith
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What were you hoping for? What is it that you don't like about the results? It's hard to offer suggestions without seeing what else you have going on in the space and what you're hoping to achieve.
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I love yellow, but that yellow is too much. Two different colors at this juncture of the hall just looks jarring. I would paint the yellow wall the same color as the blue wall and introduce yellow in pillows accents, etc to get the color combo you're looking for.
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Do you like either of these colors? If I had to choose one color to get rid of it would be the yellow. It's just too neon. If you painted a very pale yellow I think it would look better. I would paint the hallway also. Otherwise you have three areas that all need to coordinate. I would consider the hallway part of this space.
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I think the only effective way to do something like this is for the shades to be similar. This is a bright, bright yellow and a pale teal.

The accessories are one option.

I think if you made the yellow a paler yellow (similar shade to teal) or the teal stronger (similar to strength of yellow) you'd be better off. Then you could add an element -- perhaps pillows that had both colors--or even paint a stripe or other accent shape on one wall incorporating the color on the other wall. Perhaps a zig zag line one one wall with the other color (but only after finding shades that work together).

To my eyes, these two shades do not work well together.

Another option would be to make it floral in some way (If you insist on these two shades) -- you could add some pale flowers/greenery to the yellow wall and some bright flowers to the pale wall. I am not sure if that would work but in my mind's eye it does - in a funky way. If I did that I would also add uplifting sayings to the wall.
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Once you make a bold choice, you can't back down!! So, here's another option: Use both colors for fat horizontal stripes in the shared hallway.Carry the yellow across as the main accent on the blue side of the room, and viceversa, particularily in drapery treatment (of same style drapes). Secondary accent colors should be the same in both rooms. Wink at the split personality with artwork that has split images, as well.
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Try a taupe or dark beige to tie in both colors and tone down the yellow.
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The whole nook could be white. Or, it seems like you're loving your colors so add another color. i'm not sure what style you're going for but that fireplace is really bad. And change the light fixture.
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