sadaf alam - your purple wall and white furniture

libradesigneyeMay 23, 2013
Loved your bold stencil wall. Started writing and I think you are reworking your photos to be upright so deleted post. Or got concerned for security reasons, or work website did you in. Some info for you to try -
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You just need a few things to pick up on the moorish theme - lots of sheer white curtains out there now with trellis inspired patterns that will do it. A gray or black line on a white curtain and they don't have to be the same pattern, just inspired by moorish trellis pattern. Here is an amazing and inexpensive moorish inspired fabric that will pull your purple wall and your white very chic furniture together - Just make some accent pillow covers out of a yard or two and you will be surprised at how it ties it all together for less than buying pillows (love the ones you have too). Here's a sturdier poly that will work for your dining chairs - there will be a store near you to go and see them in person. You can do those yourselves if you can borrow a staple gun and pliers and use a hammer to knock them in (or borrow some muscle along with the gun). Many battery powered nailers have a staple attachment so ask around.

If that is a mantle across, that bump out would normally be the perfect place to do a special wall treatment like your stencil accent. You might repeat it there for balance in the room on a paler lavender -gray background (turn it back the sides but not in nooks) and curate the mantle too. I like the idea of a large mirror in between windows, but then, think about art. You have the functional furniture, now watch for line art in magazines and calendars. Print some of your favorite photos cropped a new way on Black and White - blown up and framed in gray, silver - watch ikea for frames.

You can wash the slipcovers you have and add oxygen bleach instead of clorine and they will come very clean for you. Perfect for summer - If you want contrast with the walls, you could rit dye the sofa mid-tone gray but plan ahead to spend the day in the laundry and have bleach (and quarters if need be) to clean the machine when you are through. Think your upholstery is not so chabby and i like chic, but they do have gray for tullsta which would work too.
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fabric to tie
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Sadaf Alam
I love all the ideas you suggested above. Thank you so much! I've thought about stenciling the wall above the mantle but wasn't sure if it will be too much. I haven't attempted anything with a staple gun yet but that's a great idea too for the chair pads on the dining table, also would love to attempt the art. Your suggestion for the curtains is exactly what I had in mind. This is such a huge help. Thanks so much again!!!!!
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