Desperately Need Help

Mary McKennaMay 25, 2013
Several decorating challenges have me stumped. Or maybe I'm just overwhelmed. Any ideas for what to do with the following will be appreciated:
1. What type of window treatments.
2. Nightstands are too low do to height of bed.
3. I wanted to cozy up the room, thus the darker colors. Now I don't know what to do for bedding.
4. Need more furniture in the room - I think.
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Room Resolutions
Hi Mary. There are several options for the window treatments which depend on your own use and feeling that you want in the room. Since it's a bedroom, do you like to have the very dark, blackout feeling while you sleep, or do you like to wake up to the sun? Do you need the privacy? Once you answer those questions you narrow your options a bit. The options range from white shutters, to fabric duettes or sihouettes or even roman shades. You can have black out fabric placed on the back of fabric type treatments. If you do wish to have the highest windows covered, consider an option that involves a remote - battery or hard wired, so that they are functional. This is a beautiful room!
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Your bedroom made me think of an unfinished version of the first pictures in this ideabook:
Ideabook: Bedroom Color: The Secret to More Sex and More Sleep · See Ideabook
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What makes your bed so high? What type of matress? How high is the frame in there? Can it be lowered or do you need the height? Some small sidetables might help out if you can't adjust the bed.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Let's start with your mattress which seems be to high enough to give you altitude sickness. :) Any chance of getting a low profile box spring instead of a thick one so that you'll be closer to your night stand? You could get taller night stands and it could be more interesting if they were different from your bed. I like the mirrored chest below to use as large night stands. They would be 36 wide by 14" deep and 32" high. You'll need a pair of beautiful lamps to put atop them.

For bedding, I would select something in the colors you've painted your room, blue and tan, or you could use just the blue and cream for a softer look. A tan or cream quilt would be lovely with the addition of blue pillows and a blue coverlet or duvet folded at the foot of the bed.

By the fireplace, a chaise longue or chair and ottoman would make a lovely reading spot. Be sure to place a small table beside it. If that's not enough furniture, then add a bench at the foot of the bed.
Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
"Chelsea" Mirrored Chest · More Info
 "Sea Blue" Bed Linens  · More Info

French Vintage Chaise · More Info

IMAX Round Black Accent Table · More Info
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Mary McKenna
Thank all of you for the helpful suggestions. Room Resolutions: What is a fabric duette? I originally thought draperies that could be drawn open all the way to the left. Too heavy?? I do like the idea of Roman shades. I want to leave the top windows uncovered. Privacy and light are not issues. Not sure if I should use white or not.
ringreation: We have a Sleep Number mattress. My husband just informed me that we can replace the bottom piece of it with plywood, thus lowering to a standard height - yeah!
Carolyn: Altitude sickness is one thing - falling out of bed is the scariest at my age:) I love the idea of blue and cream for the bedding, but was concerned with using cream with all the white trim. What do you think? Love, love, love the mirrored chest and saw another one a little bit smaller. Would I want the same chest on each side of the bed?
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Stanton Designs-online design services
For window think about what you need the window coverings to do.... complete black out, provide privacy, decorative. That is the first step. A designer can help you with that. You don't want to make a costly mistake with all those windows. For the night stand, it does get a little lost. If you want to keep it, I would suggest moving it a few more inches from the bed and placing a picture or mirror behind the lamp. That will make a bolder statement with the lamp and it won't be so small looking.
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I would start at floor level with something like this rug, pulled half way under the bed. Then add a settee or bench. Can't say where for sure - does the foot of the bed face the FP or the door? Here's a pretty spread, and Country Curtains has some insulated cordless romans that might work for you, but you may need custom sizing. This shade is wheat but also comes in a lighter one called sand.
Peshawar Traditional Hand Knotted Maison Lt. Blue Rug · More Info

Button-tufted Velvet Chaise Settee, Caribbean · More Info

Mansfield Robin's Egg Blue Pillowtop Ottoman · More Info

Rowland Quilt Set · More Info
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Room Resolutions
Hi Mary,
Duettes are a honeycomb shade that raise up and down. Visit the website to see what their duettes look like on a window. I agree that Roman Shades would be extremely nice - adding an element of softness yet not overpowering for the room.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I'm so glad you can lower the mattress! As for the mirrored night stands, since they are different from the bed, it's okay to have them matching if you want to, but you could also do a mirrored chest on one side and a mirrored round table on the other side. It would be nice to have them almost the same height. My first choice would be to match them and have matching lamps on them.

If your room were contemporary instead of traditional I might be more inclined to use mismatched pieces. Or if you didn't have big walls on both sides of the bed, my answer would also be different. Figure out what height your mattress will be with plywood instead of a box spring and then look for chests of approximately that height. The lamps should be 27 to 30" or so high.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Cream and blue bedding would look fine with your white trim. Our canopy bed has cream linen bed hangings and our trim is white.
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JMittman Designs
What a beautiful view. And since you don't need to cover it, I would recommend inside mounted roman shades/blinds etc on the lower windows on both walls. Beautiful windows.
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Mary McKenna
JMittman: Thank you and I have decided to go with either roman shades or blinds and only covering the lower windows. It’s nice to lie in bed at night and look at the stars.
Decoenthusiaste: Unfortunately, the bed does not face the fireplace. It faces a dresser with mirror and French doors leading to library. Tried to attach pictures, but could not.
Carolyn: Your mention of a canopy bed reminded me that I have the necessary items to make our bed one. Also have the cream fabric for hangings and top swag. May be a good idea for this room.
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Such a beautiful room. I love the windows. I think Carolyn's suggestion of the matching mirrored chests with matching lamp would look wonderful. I also love the idea of the of the chaise in front of the fireplace. I think your room is large enough to carry the canopy bed and would look lovely.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Love your room windows are the selling point. I would not cover them. A simple panel on each end to frame them, on bottom only. If need privacy. A pleated inside mount. When they are up they disappear. Lowes has them in stock. They will cut to fit free. Nite stands need to be 3x bigger. Buy the dark wood chest type flat to floor. Very tall and big base. In a color of your ceiling. Shades 2 shades darker than wall color. New bedding. More formal. Bed & bath had a set that would work. It's color of ceiling and a small amount of wall color in a shiny satin fabric. Use shames and lots of pillows. Art work too small replace with very large 43" gold tone sunburst mirror. Move candles on floor by firepl to mantel. Add a bench to foot of bed in stripe color of bedding. Adding plants in corner fill space you have very high ceilings so go very big in furn and art. Looks like room is very large. Is there a TV? If so make a sitting area by it.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Add panels to windows by FP. With same shades. Or you could go roman shades on all window just keep window look the same. Next to firepl by window might be a good place to place two overstuffed chairs with table between. To fill room and warm it up.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
You can lower bed by buying a half box springs. Bring bed down 4-5". But bed works in this room just need end tables that are low boy chest. That whole wall would be filled.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
I meant to say big base lamps.
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My bed is almost identical to yours and this is what I did to mine. Hope this gives you an idea of what can be done to a bed like you have.
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Love that idea Mark. I could use this idea for a few clients that I have. Great color choices as well. What a beautiful space Mary McKenna.
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That would look yummy with the rug and settee I posted earlier.
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Cheery Curtains
Maybe this design will help you if you are ok with the upper arc part not totally covered.

For curtain fabrics, we have some curtain pattern designs which echo and reproduce the outside view perfectly.
Panache Designs · More Info

Phoebe Printed Springtime Grommet Linen Curtains · More Info

Phoebe Vertical Stripe Grommet Linen Curtains · More Info
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