Formica on top of existing formica?
May 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have a 60s kitchen with patterned formica in our country house that we would like to cover with plain white formica. Is it advisable to try this? The cupboards were all custom built on site and we have decided to keep them as they are extensive and match the laundry room, etc. Removing the counters will destroy too much in our contractors opinion as they are integrated with the cupboards.
We also thought of stainless counters, but we have just purchased all stainless appliances and think it's too much metal in the country.
Any ideas as to what can go over existing formica?
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Photos would help. It's hard to imagine how the countertops could be too integrated to replace, so photos are key.

Do you have a custom countertop shop nearby?
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Yolanda Ruiz
Formica is usually glued over wood, MDF, glues for this purpose are done to be used over porous materials, and the outer Formica side isn't, so I would try, with an old useless piece of Formica, by passing a sandpaper over and then try to put another piece of Formica over, with contact glue or Formica's special glue. (I used to use this method for lacquering over melamine and worked perfectly).
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Try lifting the old Formica by applying heat with an iron over a towel covering the Formica (never over the Formica itself), or you could lift an edge an use a heat-gun (but be careful so you dont burn the wood below). Heat should make the glue softer and the Formica easy to peel. Then sand the wood to remove old glue and glue the new laminate in place.
Hope this helps..
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Yolanda Ruiz
I was want to recover your Formica counter top, don't you? I imagine this counter top will have a curved edge....Imposible to redo in your kitchen. What about redoing it over a plywood (nautical one because of the water) and to this edge flat, mitered?
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
Yes, you don't go over formica. You rip it out and redo the countertop.
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People do glue Formica over Formica, especially when they don't have the budget to yank it out and replace it all. It works if the counter has a straight edge, not a curved edge.
Here are some photos:
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I would not go over laminate with laminate. The laminate will shrink and bubble. The iron trick someone else mentioned sometimes works, but more often than not, the laminate will break into a thousand pieces and the glue will be very difficult to sand off. What you could do is cover old laminate with 3/8" particle board and then laminate over that. The glue will stick to that much better.
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thank you kustombuilt. our contractor agrees with you and our counters are on the low side anyway. We are still debating whether to risk removing it and doing the job 'properly', but impacting on other elements. The custom kitchen company wants to replace the wood under the formica completely, as was done in our kitchen in the city, however, the wood under the formica is solidly integrated with the cabinets underneath and extends into the uprights for the double oven, etc. It was built by a wonderful builder who built the house and built more like furniture than the cupboards that we know today.
Of course, now our family wants to keep the extremely ugly stone patterned formica for the memories.
Thanks for all the input - much appreciated.
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