Front garden blandness. Definitely would like to update my front yard and work on a low maintenance welcom
May 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Definitely would like to update my front yard and work on a low maintenance welcoming garden. I am ok with grass but flower beds can go or be altered. Just removed almost all the lava rock, one area left. Front door too dark? Thought about a split rail fenceHouse faces north . In surrey bc.
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West side of drive
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Under the blue spruce, how about low, spreading euonymus emerald gaiety?

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Richard McShan
Good morning! You have a beautiful home!
Your front yard is a great canvas that I would love to get my fingers on! ;?)

First of all, great selection of color and trim for your home! However, I agree with you... where is the front door? The dark colored doorway inside a deep, covered porch lends the impression of a cave instead of a warm, welcoming effect. Add the heavy, dark overhanging foliage and even your 'cave' disappears.

My eyes are immediately drawn to the purple foliage of the planting in front of your house, to the 'encroaching fingers' effect of that beautiful fir and the vision blocking of the large plantings next to the drive.
Your home needs a warmer, more welcoming feel.

1.) Reduce the size or simply remove/relocate the plantings next to the drive. Such plantings invite maintenance to reduce the risk of scratches on your autos. Plus, they provide a safety hazard by blocking your view when backing into the street as well as simply exiting your vehicle.
2.) Undercut some of the lower branches on the fir (up to roof line of your porch)so that it, visually, frames your front yard instead of blocking it.
3.) Undercut or relocate the purple leafed tree blocking the front of your porch. Yes, the colors blend with the colors of your home... and that is part of the problem... it blends in and darkens the overall effect without bringing anything special to the area.
4.) Plantings with rich, warm blooms or leaf colors with brighten and enhance the deep colors of your home. I agree with 'judyg' on the Euonymus Emerald gaiety or perhaps an Euonymus Japonicus 'Aureo-marginatus' for a golden color that would play with the idea of a ray of sun creeping into a forest glade. This would be great in the area front center of your porch where the purple foliage currently dominates.
5.) Personally, I would not place a horizontal block such as a split rail fence across the front. Love the directional 'stripes' brought about with the mower. Perhaps a soft contouring planting area under the fir (undercutting allowing more light into the area) that sweeps from the street, along the left side of your yard,up to the porch. You already have a nice selection along your drive that could be, simply, relocated to the other side.
6.) Add a rich, warm or bright/light color to your front door. The afore mentioned clearing of overhanging foliage would allow and encourage natural light in, as well.

Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
What a beautiful place!
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