Where to put microwave??
May 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Starting a new thread with this since the other has kind of deviated from my original question :)

Basically I'm trying to decide where to put the microwave. It will either be built into a cabinet with a trim kit or will be hidden behind a cabinet door.

I see the following options, and can't decide which would make the most sense. The dilemma is where to put microwave and where to put glasses and mugs, because the upper cabinet space is somewhat limited.

1. Put the microwave in an upper cabinet next to the oven (this is husband's vote because he thinks all the appliances in a group makes the most sense). I prefer to have cups and glasses here because we would most often be getting coffee at that counter or getting a glass of water from the fridge.

fwiw - husband said we should put cups in a corner upper cabinet (by the sink where I have it labeled as not having a corner upper). I just have a very hard time accessing corner upper cabinets and generally wanted to avoid having one. Even if we don't make it a corner, he said we could put it in that cabinet I have planned, as there is still about 24" of upper space. But I still find that difficult to access because it's behind the adjacent countertop (does that make sense?) and if someone wants a glass of water while I'm at the cooktop it could be awkward. Even without me at the cooktop I don't want to have to get on tiptoes and reach back to get to a glass or mug.

2. Put the microwave in a lower cabinet (could even put it in that same 36" area between DW and oven, just in the lower cabinet instead of upper). I just don't know about leaning over to put in and take out a mug of coffee or a bowl of soup, for example). Microwave drawer is out for budget concerns, and we've already purchased a countertop model with the intention of building it into (or hiding in) cabinet.

3. Move the cooktop over a smidge closer to corner and put the microwave in an upper cabinet to the right of the cooktop vent hood at the very end of that short wall.... this actually seems like a pretty good idea to me, though again, husband thinks it makes more sense closer to fridge. I could alternately put cups and mugs in that 24" space I have planned there. But again, that's pretty far from coffee maker and fridge (where the drinks and water will be stored), but obviously it is closer to sink.

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I see you have a question mark on pull out trash next to sink. I have that and recommend it! I would put the coffee maker on the closest counter next to the sink for easy access to fill. What do you use your microwave the most for? You could also put the microwave in a lower cabinet.
May 26, 2013 at 7:05PM   
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Thanks Margo!
Husband built me a pull-out trash in our last home so I definitely want one...just wondering if that's the best spot. Seems like it..
I wanted to keep the counter space between sink and cooktop for workspace. Would you suggest putting it on the counter above the dishwasher? Or, I suppose I could tuck it back into that corner between cooktop and sink and not really lose any working space...

As for the microwave, I use it most often to reheat my coffee LOL! Seriously, I get so sidetracked with my kids or sweeping the floor or whatever that I end up reheating my mug several times before I get through it :D We also do things like make popcorn, reheat leftovers. Honestly, we don't use it a lot. But I'm concerned that putting it in a lower cabinet (option 2) would just make it awkward to use. I can't imagine it being very easy to use for my most frequent use (reheating my coffee)...maybe that would give me incentive to drink it faster and not get sidetracked LOL! So maybe I should seriously consider this option in order to conserve my upper cabinet space...
May 26, 2013 at 7:17PM   
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That is exactly how we use our microwave. I am not sure I would like it in a lower cabinet either, I was just throwing out options. Yes, I think putting it on the counter by the dishwasher would work. Good luck with your remodel!
May 26, 2013 at 7:22PM   
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I had a similar problem. My solution: 30 inch oven under the cooktop and a single wall oven on the wall with a microwave built in over it. In the process I realized that I didn't really need two 30 inch ovens. Which led to using a 27 inch oven on the wall and a slimmer, matching trim kit for the microwave. Which gave a little more space on that wall.
May 26, 2013 at 7:47PM     
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Thanks you guys!
Well, we've already purchased the appliances at this point. Though that's quite a good idea tzmary! I wish I'd thought of it :) Though I'm not sure I could convince husband to buy two separate wall ovens...but yeah, I wonder how that would price out. Hmmm... well, I think it's too late to change it up now so I've gotta figure out how to make this work!
May 26, 2013 at 8:06PM   
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Mary Rast Interiors
Have you considered putting the micro above the double ovens? Assuming you mount the ovens low, there should be no problem stacking the micro with a matching trim kit above.
May 26, 2013 at 8:22PM   
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Mary - I mentioned that to hubby earlier and he laughed because I'd never be able to use it. The bottom would be 65" or so from floor...I'm only 5'3 (if I'm being generous ;)
May 26, 2013 at 8:34PM   
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Mary Rast Interiors
Wow, you have some tall ovens! Most are about 52" or so tall. With the toekick of 4" that puts the bottom of the micro at 56" which isn't too tall for you (esp if you put heels on ;) - It's only 4" higher than if you put the micro in an upper cab!
Good luck!
May 26, 2013 at 9:45PM   
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Well the ovens are only 53" (w/trim) but minimum cutout distance from floor is 12"... LOL about the heels :)
May 26, 2013 at 10:05PM     
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