Plain Cape Cod needs exterior help...any suggestions?

danitawilliamsMay 26, 2013
Need to attract attention to this home...need to sell and want more pizzazz.
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Very dark green shutters and a black door might look good. Try the Sherwin Williams visualizer. One of the pros on Houzz likes Sherwin Williams Black Fox for an accent color.

Also add a lavish amount of blooming annuals right before the first photos are taken. Be sure to put fertilizer on the lawn a couple weeks before photos. If the red pots don't look good with your new shutter and door colors, put them out back with a bunch of colorful annuals, in clear view of the kitchen window.
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HERE Design and Architecture
I think a fresh coat of paint and some landscaping would go a long way.
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IN* D* Ex
Up to date paint colors, landscape would go a very long way. Replace concrete walkway with bluestone. Have large trees pruned.
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I would add shutters on the garage side as well. I don't know how bright your yellow is, but I think darker blue shutters and garage door might look nice too. Potentially beefing up your front door railings?
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If you want pizazz I think a woman's touch is needed. The house it pretty "boxy" and will benefit from small touches as in beautiful hardware for the front door, a welcoming mat and perhaps some sculptural urns by the from door and the garages with some eye catching yet classy plants.
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Wash the roof. Paint if needed, but update the shutter colors to dark green or black and a red or black front door. Other suggestions give are good. The house must be super clean and cleared of all extra furniture and assessories.
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Power wash the sidewalk to the front door, very dark green or black shutters, red door, fertilize the grass, a patch of red flowers, trim the bushes, add a large nice coir mat at the entry.
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The green shutters should be the first priority. I agree with others that have suggested blue, very dark green or black. Doctor nancy's dark shutters look so much nicer.

I'm not sold on the red front door though that is popular.

I feel like the shape of the garden where the red flowers were added in Dr nancy's photo needs modifying leading up to the first bush. Not sure how but my eye keeps getting drawn back to this area like a crooked picture frame.

I wouldn't bother with the expense of replacing walkway. I don't think you'll get a significant return on your investment--but confirm with your realtor. I think what's going on in your house is more impt.
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Sustainable Dwellings
I agree with adding shutters on the garage side, I would paint all the trim, shutters, and entry door and sidelites.... then, landscape to the hilt, and add two large pots at end of walkway with lovely plants.
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Your home is really cute! I agree with Dr nancy black shutters, and would add a larger light fixture in black by the door. If budget allows, is add the shutters on the garage side too. Fresh flowers and cocoa bean mulch. (Smells great and gives you that rich dark brown)
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post is a year old.
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