August 23, 2011 in Photo Questions
We are debating between a granite vs. concrete countertop for a traditional lake house kitchen. What are the pros and cons of concrete?
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Niki Papadopoulos
Both are very durable but I will say that you will get better stain resistance with Granite over Concrete. Concrete is more porous so you will always see condensation from a glass but that will dry. Where it is a problem is with oils or spills that have color (like red wine) they can be difficult to get out, if at all. While Granite should also be sealed properly and is not impervious to staining, it is absolutely more resistant. I love both and have used both. I always tell clients to think about how they interact with their kitchen and let that be a big driving force. For example, do you leave food on your counters when cooking, say a cut lemon, or do you roll out cookie dough on the counter, those are things to think about because if the answer is yes, concrete is probably not for you.

Otherwise, both are beautiful, both are strong, you can get a great custom look out of both. Concrete can have a really lovely consistent look where Granite can be a bit busy. Concrete will most likely be a bit more expensive since it has to be poured to the dimensions of your kitchen, it will also take longer to fabricate. I don't want this to sound like I am raining on your concrete parade because I do love it, but you have to be a little bit more aware when you are working on a concrete kitchen.

Perhaps if you like the look of concrete but need the durability of granite, you should consider a quartz product like Caesarstone. I hope this was helpful, good luck!
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Thank you so much! Your reply and link were very helpful.
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Caesar stone in Devon
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