How to make my ceiling seem higher?
May 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have a low ceiling. How to make my ceiling seem higher? Any visual tricks? Thanks!
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Well without seeing the room its all theory. But generally if you want to make a room feel taller use vertical elements, like tall drapes as Darzy suggested. Grandfather clocks, vertical stripes on the walls, anything that suggests upward movement. You want the eye to travel upwards. Part of selling the look is also not having a lot of big heavy furniture if you have a small space. It's easier to make a room feel bigger if there isn't literally a ton of stuff taking up a bunch of visual weight.

Also keeping ceilings light or whtie will help, same goes for walls. White walls disguise the contours of a room, and painting the ceiling a color will actually lower the ceiling (same goes for texture, so no beadboard or beams or anything). I'd orient artwork vertically if you can. You can always use some Feng Shui principles too. Basically the distribution of the room should match what we see in nature, so the ground should be darker (think earth) than the walls (medium) and then ceiling should be light (sky). Most people sort of intuitively take this approach anyway, but its a way of thinking about things that makes sense. You want to basically avoid anything that 'closes' the space down (so no bold advancing colors, or loud prints, or too heavy rustic textures or anything like that).
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White ceilings.
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