Exterior revamp - give this 80's bad reno some curb appeal
May 31, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Our house was build in the 70's with not very well planned additions in the 80's. It has no curbside appeal and my son says it looks like a face looking down on you. Need to find a way to give it some curb appeal on a budget...thinking about doing something with wood fencing across the front and maybe a pergola...but what about those narrow windows? any suggestions?
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Joanne Jakab Interior Design
I see the face too :). The mid tone colour on the siding should be used to minimise the visual impact of the garage doors. I also feel the white stripe splits your house in half - paint it out too. If you can bring additional visual interest to your side entry it will feel more inviting.
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What is the budget?
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That is a great suggestion, thanks so much I hadn't thought of that - I'll looking painting the doors and the trim.
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As for the budget - it's minimal, I don't want to reface the house - so, up to $3000
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I agree, paint the garage doors the same color as the siding and make them look like walls of the house, and not garage doors.

Something needs to be done to make your front door/entry more prominent too. Even just a small trellis type addition to surround the front entryway and paint it a coordinating color or stain it dark and grow something on it.
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I'm thinking about a narrow pergola across the front of the house above the garage doors and bold lattice across the upstairs narrow windows like the house at this link:Modern Exterior by Menlo Park Architects & Designers Ana Williamson Architect
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Per Dytecture, I would like to know the budget. Here is an idea, more modern, that likely breaks your budget if done at one time. I wanted to emphasize the horizontal, as the walls on the side of the garage doors and entry are so vertical. This house seems unnecessarily tall for a small house, which is why I chose to emphasize width, not height. This could be accomplished in phases. The base could be dark, which would compliment the dark garage doors, the entry trellis could be a grey and the slat siding could be a lighther complimentary color. Perhaps some of this will find favor with you? Best "Houzzing!"
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thank you so much for your comments - I love your ideas and will try and incorporate them - we are working with a small budget - around $2000 so may do it stages. thank you again!
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Roc+Solid Land Design
What a great house! Hopefully you didn't end up painting out the horizontal line. That's the best part. I you haven't done anything, I suggest painting the top aqua or citrus and the bottom medium cool gray to emphasize the mod look (I know this is extreme mod, but you get the idea): http://rocknrollproblems.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/modern-house-color-schemes-homesinteriors-dot-org.jpg
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OMG - what an amazing idea...but I don't think I'm brave enough!...my latest plan (which I haven't started yet) is to do a slatted fence across the front of the driveway to hide the garage doors...and I'm still trying to find a way to create some visual interest across the top so it doesn't look so much like a face. I've attached a few inspiration images.

Exterior of the Juliet House

Buttrick Wong Architects
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DESPERATE FOR MORE IDEAS - I am throwing this out there again in the hope of getting some feedback on my lattice fence idea. While I love the mod colour idea suggested by Roc-Solid, it wouldn't work in our neighbourhood - I am thinking about narrow slat fencing across the top of the driveway (like the Buttrick Wong photo) to completely cover the two garage doors (which are not used for cars, only storage), it would accomplish hiding the doors, bring visual interest to the front of the house and also bring emphasis to the side entrance. I am completely at a loss as to what to do with the top part of the house where the narrow windows do absolutely nothing. What could possibly work to make that look interesting and complement the fencing idea? I hope to start on this project this spring, as the front of my house depresses me every time I pull up to it. I have dozens of photos in my idea book of slat fencing, pergolas and interesting modern homes but there is nothing out there that looks anything like my house (probably because nobody would have done this on purpose - it is a hodge-podge of renos). I was thinking of wood slats widely spaced across the window like the one in this image - right across the entire top part of the house:

Cloud Street Residence

and here are a couple more images that are inspiring me:

jewell - exterior front

mango design co

or maybe a perogola across the top of the narrow windows;

Ana Williamson Architect

oh, and did I mention that my budget is limited having just spent tens of thousands on the inside reno (good-bye shag carpeting and wood panelling).

I would greatly appreciate any help...
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Could you place the same feature as the fence, in between the windows? And maybe match that with a strip across the balcony area? Or whatever that low walled space is above the garages?
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Thanks for your comment - yes that is the balcony and that is one idea I'm toying with - to mirror the fence slatting across the space between the two windows...
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Whats great here? The natural look. Darken siding to blend into nature. Natural tone for trim too. Line edge of sun deck with green foliage. Line edge of left fence with hedge. Do driveway next time when budget permits.
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