Steam Shower feedback, please
toabsJune 2, 2013
I need some advice on a custom-built steam shower versus one of those all-in-one (brand Ariel, perhaps) steam showers. We are converting a large (24' x 24') room into a master suite. We'll be building a new bathroom, so we have the freedom to make any kind of shower we like. I'd like to stay in the $20,000 area for all the construction, etc, so I'm thinking that custom-building a steam room would be too much. I'm also undecided about what we would make it out of. Tile is too pricey and high-maintenace. Is there anything cheaper that we could use but still look nice? An easy solution would be one of those all-in-one steam showers for about $4000 to $5000. I do like the look of them, but we live in a rural area and I'm having trouble finding one to look at in person. I'm afraid to order one and find out it's no better than one of those fiberglass modular showers. Does anyone have one? I'd really appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thanks!
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Jeannie Nguyen
Hi there, were you ever able to make a decision? I personally have never used this type of shower, but it looks awesome!
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No decision yet. I'm having a horrible time ! :) The info on the all-in-one units seems non-existent. They look wonderful, but am just worried about the quality and post-purchase support. A custom steam room seems out of budget, so will have to settle for a boring old shower unless I can get the courage to order one of these. Thanks for checking in!
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Ferguson Kitchen, Bath and Lighting Gallery

I to love the time capsule look however as a kitchen and bath specialist, I've never seen on in person.. Because I've never sold one before I can't really comment on them except..

*They are pre fabricated (not specifically designed for your dimensions)

*comes in pieces.. Usually some of which may not fit through standard door openings.

*usually sold online (sometimes that speaks to the customer service you will receive down the road)


As for the custom route

* I estimate you may be spending around $3000 just for the steam system alone.

* Shower prices depend on how much sq ft of glass your looking to use ..

* then you need a solid surface for your walls and floors (tile, porcelain. This quote will need to come from your local tile guy.

** Understanding that this will be the more expensive route to take, I like it because it gives you the ability to add a personal touch to your Oasis. By going custom you will also be supported by local professionals that will assist you before and after the project. Your shower door will be warrantied by the installer.. Your steam generator by the company supplying it, and the tile you choose can coordinate and become one with your existing design.

Hope this helps,

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Our neighbors have one. It is prefab, rectangular (not like above), and they installed it themselves. They have had it for at least 5 years now and love it. Since it was put in existing bathroom they did have to do some retro fitting around it but it didn't seem to be a big problem. Hope that helps.
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Thanks, Brandon and Ruthmand! Ruthmand, do you happen to know what brand your neighbors have? Your comment makes me feel a lot more courageous!
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I will check with them and let you know.
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So, it is now a year later, and I've decided to update this discussion and hopefully help some others. We did get a steam shower similar to the picture I posted, and have been using it almost one year now. I ordered it through Menards and they didn't have that exact model pictured. I spent a little extra going through Menards, but I wanted the security of having them behind the product in case it was a total disaster. We made some alterations, redid the drain, replaced one really cheap fixture that broke almost immediately.... well, you get the idea. It wasn't a project for a beginner. You need an electrician to hook up the 220, and a plumber to really get this installed right. All that said, I'd still buy one again. We love it. The shower is terrific alone, and to be able to steam on some of those horrid January nights we had here in the Midwest last winter was heavenly. Except for the one fixture, we haven't had any issues with it. If anyone is thinking of buying one of these and would like to know more about what we changed and the installation process, I can give you more detail and pictures to help you. Happy showering!
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Which brand did you buy?
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We are remodeling our bathrooms and I am putting in a custom steam bath in our room that i am very excited about. However, after having just returned from a family vacation to an resort with a spa, my teenagers are loving the steam room that they had there. So in order to keep them out of my masterbath, i am considering putting one of this units in their bathroom but have been very confused about which manufactures have units free of leaks, rusts, and smells. would love to know which units work well.
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We got an Ariel. In what little info I could find out about the different brands, their name seemed to come out on top. Now, I have never used a real steam room, so I don't know how it would compare, but I can't imagine your teens not loving the look of one of these! Even after a year, it's still fun. No leaks at all, I don't think there's anything in there that could rust, and so far the only smell is whatever oil you choose to put in the dispenser (we love peppermint).
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Bob Staffier
Hi toabs. I'm struggling with the same decision you did. I'm looking at an Ariel similar to the one above. Seems you had a good experience. Can you comment more on the quality of the shower? Are the fixtures plastic or some type of metal? Any other thoughts as to quality?
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So far except for that one plastic part that we replaced, the quality has been excellent. All the other fixtures are metal and once we made our initial modifications, we haven't done anything else in the past year to it. My husband and I still step out after showering and say, "Man, I love that thing!" Do you know where you would order yours from?
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Bob Staffier
Thanks! I was looking at a few places online. The only local place I see it is Home Depot. I may buy it there so I have a place to go in case I have issues. You've convinced me to go for it.
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Bob Staffier
And I forgot to ask - what were the modifications you made besides the drain?

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