Artistic Issues!!
June 6, 2013
Our Florida home is very beach but we can't seem to find the right art to flank the fireplace. Scale is important and I want to keep the classic coastal vibe going. Don't mind injecting a little humor, have considered vintage swimsuits but can't find two that relate. Don't want to go to kitschy but open to ideas. Thanks for your input!
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how about a pair of John Audubon sea bird prints. Go to and type in "Audubon". Most can be ordered in a wide range of sizes, so scale shouldn't be an issue. And the American Flamingo print -- which I LOVE -- may be that little bit of humor you are looking for. Just no plastic ones in the front yard, please ;)
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Seek out local artists and buy what you love, because long after you leave your beachy theme you will still have art that speaks to you and brings fond memories.
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Definitely art that means something to you or has an interesting 'back story'. We have a large home with quite a bit of art of different types, styles and value. The one thing that they all have in common are the memories that they bring into our home.
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Angelina Vick
I have a friend who takes trips around the world, he has a lot of beach photography, I would bet you can find two shots you like. =)
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Hi Travelgirl - I'm going to take my cue from your name - where have you travelled to that you really loved? what artists have you seen in galleries that you admire most? My walls are covered with posters from galleries all over the world (but I do love having da Vinci, Degas and Monet where I can see them every day) - as well as the original non-famous artworks that I bought in Vienna and Quebec City - some antique maps - and the two best photos I ever took, blown up to poster size and block-mounted (to take me back to northern Italy and the Greek Isles). They all mean something to me - and thus resonate more than anything that would perhaps better complement the particular rooms they hang in. I guess I'm saying - choose your art more for what it says to you, rather than for how it fits a room (and framing will help fit your art to the room). But if you're set on a beach-y feel - what do small local galleries and artshows feature? Or - if you don't mind the repro poster - who are your favourite artists? and have they produced something like a coastal landscape you could use? (or abstracts in blue and white?) For something very few other people would have - you could always look at some Australian galleries on line! Brett Whiteley was a contemporary artist - something like 'Big Orange Sunset' or "Lavender Bay in the rain' will be different! But go with what you love . . .
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I suggest this not just because you live in Florida but because you have the space for it Chihuliy Glass His work is stunning and actually would command over the mantel space. I've included a link to his site. I've seen his work everywhere from Florida to Chicago to Coastal Oregon. If you are truly looking for art and art that give you dimension I hope you'll consider Chihuly Glass. Oh, he's based in Florida now.
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Bea Jones
I think that I would go for two matching (or slightly different) metal wall sculptures that could either reflect your 'ocean' motif (wavy underwater scenes, old sailing ships, etc) or be an addition to any motif; such as windblown trees, etc. I do love that expanse on either side of the fireplace! I would go for something light and airy, yet with light reflective and color interest - like burnished copper with gold accents. What fun to have such an expanse to let your creativity go free!
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I have a vision of blue stringed glass coming from the top of the ceiling down to the cabinets on both sides like a blue glass rain wall.
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First, I would paint the frames of the speakers wall color because they stand out. What about just one large print- love the vintage bathing suit direction? I would also consider adding some mirror, antiqued even to the sides & placing loved items in front for some interest & depth. It could be built in so to speak & framed in white like the cabinetry.
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I addressed this very issue in my blog at, check it out. In your case I think you have very high ceilings which need it leaves huge walls with air conditioning vents as the focus......make the walls dramatic with color and shelving or bring down the height with facia...... Let me know what you think about my ideas......
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Lynne Rose
I agree with louanndunn about the the height of ceiling and the a/c vents which really do stick out. Visually, you would need to bring down the ceiling like a crown moulding above the tv hole and perhaps paint out that section between the fireplace and the new moulding. If you are looking for a beachy feeling you should also consider different color scheme all together. This is a difficult one I agree..
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I love the range of ideas! I added this picture, I had to get on the floor to take it, to show the height of the wall. The areas that I want to address are the two walls below the air vents. I agree that they stick out like a sore thumb. Wish I could afford Chiluly as I love that! Looking for clean lines, uncluttered which is why I opted to not put in shelves as I can't self edit. The tray ceiling, out of range is a green apple color which is my fav and I love the colors currently used. While you can't tell from the photos the tv box is painted a deeper color within the box. Keep the ideas coming. I need fresh eyes!
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Perhaps highlighting the fireplace wall with paint or a dramatic monogram is an option, that may cause the other walls to recede.......perhaps adding trim to the fireplace wall with column wood work and adding trim or picture frame paneling would work. You could frame out the tv space also to make it very intentional. I can draw something up or you if you would charge.....
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Paint the vents to match the walls so they won't be so prominent. Lots of great ideas here; go with your heart and gut to add what you love.
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I'm thinking glass shelving on one side with a few beach sculptures, framed beach family pics and beach art on the other side
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