Please help!! Small dated kitchen Oh my!
bluesky88June 7, 2013
Small kitchen original cabinets, etc. Tried to photograph entire kitchen area but walls block process. Plan to take down walls to lighten and open space to draw focus to window, move stove to long wall, with continuous counter and cabinets beneath counter. Take down wall behind sink and dishwasher and cabinets above to open space creating island. Probably less expensive to move gas line than water line.

Looking at light hardwood floor for entire space, except bathroom.
Closets in hallway seem to be waste of space. Marriage wall between hallway and living room to be taken down Cut out wall leading to dining space will also be taken down.

Please please help with finding best way to achieve light, open and modern.

Thank you for ideas.
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Bill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.
You can find some inspiration on houzz - here are small modern kitchens:
:) Rhoda
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I like your space and had a similar condo back in my bachelor days. Couple of quick thoughts that might help. If you like open and modern remove all walls as planned.

1. Front hall - leave long closet wall behind the door. Trust me you will need it. Eliminate the closet on the right as you enter. Add a streamlined built in cabinet (does not go to the floor) with a countertop and large mirror above. Match this to the kitchen cabinet look and style.

2. Pull back wall where fridge is located. Gives you a straight view thru unit as you enter.

3. Key to modern and open is clean lines,limited decorative trim, and no clutter. Seal that gas line and instead of moving it put an electric built in oven under the counter and an induction flat cook top. Way more modern look and cost effective solution.

4. Use light colors, pick a single theme thru-out, and get appropriate scale furniture. Remember that less is more!

Good luck!
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Amy Thompson
We planned out our kitchen remodel on the Lowes kitchen Visualizer on line. Halfed the wall between kitchen and dining room just that opened the kitchen right up!! See my idea book- made such a difference!!
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General impressions: your condo has a lot of closets for its size. You have high ceilings (good). Your kitchen is dark and in the center of the unit (bad). Clearly opening up the space is your task, while retaining enough cabinet space.
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Thank you all for suggestions. Yes, am going through the small modern kitchens section.

jp3chicago: Realized that we need to leave part of closet wall to left of door.
Main concern is stove. We cook alot. Your suggestion is well taken, I had the same idea to go electric, but electric is not as good as gas for cooking and expensive to use. Oh wait, are you suggesting leaving the stove where it is now? I thought moving it would give more seating space on the island that will be created! I don't know how it would look to get the gas line to the other side of the room. I can deal with a soffit but a second column of sorts? There is already a vent to the right of the sink that has to stay.
Thank you a million for your ideas and hoping that you will have more suggestions!
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Blue sky - yeah the best is gas for cooktop and broilers with electric for the ovens. If that's what you are fixed on I understand.

Are you in a high rise or better question is there a unit above yours with a similar floor plan? If so that complicates things. Perhaps just a large window thru to the LR. If that is the case then really need to pull back the wall by the fridge to make a larger opening.
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jp3 Thank you again. We are top floor. Is that an advantage? As of now, we have figured out a plan to take down about 10" of refridgerator wall plus the area above the doorway, and the wall to the right that leads to the sink area. I hope that you can tell me about a surprise arrangement that is made possible by being on the top floor!
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Great news! Top floor does have an advantage here. There is no need to have a vertical supply of hot/cold going above the countertop. There still needs to be a vent stack for your and all units below. Moving the water lines, vent, and gas line could get expensive as it would likely mean entering via your neighbors ceiling directly below the unit.

You might get lucky and be able to get in via the subfloor.
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I'd still suggest that your turn that fridge 90 degrees and make it a true galley kitchen. Pull the edge of the wall back and make it end even with the exact line of the front hall on both sides of the long counter. That will make for great symmetry and balance nicely even if you are forced to keep some or all of the wall dividing the kitchen from the LR.
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Eric M Schiabor Artist and Residential Designer
First do a sketch in google sketch up , you can rearrange appliances
walls ect, A
Also add windows and show realtime shadows coming through
the windows .
I have attached a example of a google sketch up drawing,
which can be made off of you plan,
I also recommend a skylight
when you dont have wall space for light, and high 1 foot vertical windows
if you need I Can create a sketch for a small fee
Eric M Schiabor
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Eric Schiabor Thank you for your lovely offer. DH undergrad is in architecture, he did the working drawing attached.
We cannot put in a skylight or any other type of window, although we have thought of opening the dining room wall high up along the bedroom marriage wall for a clerestory to let in more light and create an open feeling.
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jo3 It is exciting to receive input! I measured true galley kitchen vs fridge staying in same place, with a cabinet above the fridge and wall cabinets sitting on top of the counter on the long wall. The latter scheme provides an additional 34" of space! We are waiting to discuss with contractor. DH says no going into sub floor!
Taking down the fridge wall to line up with left side hall wall may work even if the fridge stays put. With no cabinets to the left of the fridge, an 8" wide storage for bottles (because I want the fridge to have something running along the entire height), then 24" wide cabinets that will sit on top of the countertop on the perpendicular wall = 62". That leaves 10". We will replace the fridge, stove etc. when we do the cabinets. The project begins with taking down the walls and putting in hardwood flooring throughout.

I am ok with the sink staying on the proposed island. Adding a cook top will make it busy. I don't think it will be inviting to sit there. The building super said that a raised floor would have to be built to move the drain pipe/sink waste.

Thank you for all of your help! I hope that we find another creative solution.
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Amy Thompson
Lovely remodel! I kept switching back and forth to try to see the progression from start to finish on one page to visualize the changes that were made.
We will look into the Lowe's Kitchen visualizer. Thank you!
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Amy Thompson
Bluesky- thank you so much- good luck with your remodel and keep us posted on your progress!
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