should I paint the house exterior brick white
Rocky HiramanJune 9, 2013
We love the color white. This house looks outdated with the bottom half brick and the top half cedar shingles. I was wondering if painting the brick white will update the exterior of the house. We have similar homes in the neighborhood none of them are all white. Please give me some suggest on this dilemma.
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The door, shutters and lighting is what looks out dated to me. I would remove the shutters and paint out the trim. New door (without oval glass)-new color.
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I think painting the brick would blandify (my word, use it freely) the house. The dark brick grounds a suburban idyllic house wonderfully.

The front door and shutters (which are too flimsy) are where I'd focus my efforts. Shutters should work (or look like they do)--big enough to cover the windows when turned in, and beefy (we all got fooled by these 3/4" vinyl sears Roebuck shutters nailed flat to a wall like perps in a lineup).
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I am normally a "no paint brick" person. But I understand how you feel about the house.
I have a brick cottage that the previous owners painted antique white (I don't recommend that color) but it changed the whole look of the house…for the better. I know it was Ben Moore paint and it has a satin finish and it has held up well for many years.

I found a pix of a Colonial, brick painted BM White Dove. And as recommended above authentic shutters and a new door would really add to your home.

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Connie Cunningham Designs
I'm all for painting out that brick! And if you dont want to change out the shutters, paint them a color that is reinforced by the new front door color ( I agree that the oval is dated) and less dramatic, even a brown would be better than black..

Also ( landscape designer here) your landscape is doing nothing to showcase your house and to me, that is what is also aging the appearance and where Id put the bulk of the money.

ie: you do not have a gracious or welcoming entry. It's like a pinhole that you have to squeeze through visually. Widen your entry porch to the outsides of those shrubs you have, make it welcoming. Do a semi circle , that's where the brick belongs, and put some pots of colorful plants out there, and tie it into your walk to the driveway, a wide walk that 2 people an comfortably walk on together. so..... 5ft....And bring your plantings OUT into the yard.

This style - where everything is up against the house and the tiny entry stoop? Is too fussy to be warm.
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OMG, I know what I'd do here: Add a front porch by continuing the roofline of the garage all the way across the front of the house. Then add columns and widen the front walkway/entry as Connie has said. And I'd paint the brick, too. With the horizontal line of a front porch and roofline adding contrast, all white would work. If no front porch, I'd paint the brick, but not white. I'd paint it a neutral gray, taupe color to anchor it more.

Love your box bay windows, but they get lost. Agree about a new front door without the oval window.
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Sweet Caroline Garden Design
Landscaping would add a lot to the appeal of your lovely home. Here's a sketch of my ideas.
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I'd paint the shingles a darker colour (taupe or shade darker, something from the brick)and change the door colour to something complementary. Bigger/ bolder light fixtures and pull out the landscaping as suggested above.
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J Wey
This home looks very similar to yours and I think this exterior makeover looks great!
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I find this kind of structure, where the top portion juts out about 1-1.5' beyond the lower portion of the house, really imbalanced. It just seems too top-heavy and out of proportion (cozy thought it must be on the inside :)

I agree with J Wey and planmaam; my first thought was that it actually needs a full covered porch, with columns, across the entire front. Of course with a wider, more impressive entry with a new door and hefty columns that support a lovely small portico (that's what it's called, no? ).

I think you'd be fine with all white or the gray of the picture J Wey sent in looks beautiful..... Once you get the balance back, it'll be so much better. Shutters have to be addressed as well.

And yes, excellent hardscaping (appropriate paving, wide, elegant walkway leading to the more pronounced and established front entrance ) and beautiful landscaping and your lovely home will be magnificent.
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