I [almost] give up!
Sandy G. ltd.
June 11, 2013
I bought this pair of chairs for my LR almost 2 years ago for $10 at a garage sale. They are sturdy and I think they are not throw-aways. I have high gloss black paint for the wood but cannot find a fabric or fabrics for the replacement upholstery. Now, they are done with maroon pleather seats with a small brocade design on the backs. There is a pair of oriental rugs in navy, turkey red and taupeish. The only other pattern is in the leopard-seat chair. Sofa slipcovered in a heavy linen. I have tried prints, stripes, solids in everything from velvet to cordoroy and more! What am I not seeing? Eclectic person.
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Have you considered black wood and white leather seats?
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anne dee
I think yr chairs are very nice. I wish I could remember the style. maybe scalloped back? Anyone out there familiar with this style ?
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I'd reupholster the surfaces in a matching chocolate worn-look leather, and refinish the wood also in a dark walnut or mahogany stain. Hob nails on the back might be beautiful. Lovely pair of chairs!
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Thanks for "liking" my chairs!

Call me crazy, but being an animal activist, I cannot handle using leather, so I am stuck with using fabrics. Like the idea of using uph. tacks!

I have tried to stain the arms but the stain will not take so I'm afraid theat these chairs are made out of fake wood -whatever that is. That's why I thought I would have to paint them.
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I admire your activist stance; we share similar sensibilities. Because of the shocking treatment of calves so that "we" can enjoy their tender flesh, I will never eat veal! Call me a hypocrite, but I enjoy beef, but even if I didn't, like veal--poor things, I don't believe my opinion/voice has made one whit of difference in the industry. Those steer hides will remain a byproduct of human consumption [at least the steer's end is sudden and brief, and they have enjoyed something of a life out doors prior to their end], so why not put it to good use and look at it as a form of honor. I'm reminded of the opening scene of that wonderful film "The Last of the Mohicans" when the life cycle is put into a reverent perspective. Have you any objection to faux leather? I see the leopard print. If so, I'd probably consider a dark color, perhaps the blue in your rug, with a pleasing small design...
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Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC
Hi Sandy,

I like the shape of your chairs. I like msmliss' suggestion about painting/staining the wood in dark walnut or mahogany with the hob nails, then use a fabric like "Superbass" 2 fabric by spkcreative for sale on Spoonflower - custom fabric, wal "So In Love" 2 wallpaper by spkcreative for sale on Spoonflower - custom wallpap or http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1482889 .

Another alternative might be to paint the chairs navy or deep red, then find a leopard-print fabric for the upholstery.



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SPKCreative Stationery Line: http://www.zazzle.com/spkcreative*
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HI -- Sandy -- From what you have said about your room and furniture so far is - I think your starting to get a little too eclectic . I think there is too much going on with the patterns and colors . So I think the chairs should just be recovered in a plain good quality fabric ,maybe some texture to it ,but in a neutral color . Then they will stand the test of time .
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Sandy G. ltd.
Yes, I know that I have a lot going on in here. . and, I see that now. †hanks for the wake-up call, lefty47. BTW, I am a lefty too! So, I have sent some color samples in uph. velvet - all of which would work with my rug! Now, my question is, how do I use a solid fabric and not end up with "waiting room looking" chairs? Would welting or some other kind of trim help [without getting too busy]?

The lower left swatch should show redder per my monitor. and the top 2 are an old sea glass blue. The second blue one has a used texture to it and i like that old look.

Then, which one would work best with the black paint? Don't want them to look heavy since this is a small room and I want them to blend in and not look like "new chairs" since everything else was found everywhere except in a furniture showroom.

Going to clear some stuff out now!
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Ohhhhhh.......I wouldn't paint the wood on your chairs! I think it would make them too Deco. "Waiting room chairs!!!!" Waiting rooms should have it so good!!! I like BOTH the red swatch and the "worn" blue swatch, and think would look beautiful--with a dark stain! with your rugs and other charming things!
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Well, these chairs do not have an ounce of real wood in them so, whatever this stuff is, it won't accept stain. The paint store sold me a primer and the gloss black paint instead.

Now, I am worried that the worn blue fabric, love this collor, willl make the chairs look cold, uninviting or something. Too much analysis? I just don't want to go to all of this work [the upholstery on the back of the chairs might be a challenge!] and have them look awful!
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It might be nice to introduce some green and white. I think you have some on that stained glass?
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Whot?! The chairs are made with FAUX WOOD?
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With the scalloped shape, these chairs look like they should be in a seaside room, painted white with an aqua or teal fabic.
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HI -- I like the deep blue . If you painted the wood frame dark then have the blue fabric with black or grey welting or leave the wood and have the blue fabric with white or cream welting . Lefties are usually talented people , right Sandy !!?
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ZS Interior Design
Hi Sandy! I would recommend going with a striped fabric on the back which pulls colors in the tones from the animal print on the other chair, I would then do the seat in a chocolate brown velvet or chenille and paint the frame black, this combination should flow with the other chair which you have shown the picture of as well as the rug in the photo. Hope this helps. Zina
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Patsy Martin
What is faux wood?
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Faux wood is my term for manufactured wood that is made by mixing sawdust with glue. It is the glue that keeps stain from sinking into the surface.

I found these combos at the Calico Corners site. The first stripe is navy basically and would work with either navy or black solid on the seat. The next stripe has most of the colors in my rug and use the same dark for trhe seat.

Since the back of the chair is clam-shell-shaped, I am wondering if a more organic print would be better?
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Sandy G. ltd.
Here is another way to redo these chairs. I love the playfulness and palatte of this paisley fabric! With the back in the paisley, the seat in java or black, or dark navy and the arms painted gloss black, these chairs would look vastly different than they are now and have the edge I enjoy - all dark except for the red paisley back . . . .. Right?
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HI Sandy -- I see we are still talking about your chairs . Despite my earlier comments now that we know they are faux wood I think the chairs were probably commercial /hospitality seating . Chairs like these are for offices, waiting rooms, and restaurants and churches . So if you like them , that's fine if they will fit into your home but I don't think I would invest too much money into redoing them .
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Thanks for the advice, lefty. Decorating on a penny is just what I am used to so I will not be spending a lot on these chairs - probably wouldn't, even if I could afford to! And thanks for the support - lefty and all of you posters. I appreciate your input. . . Guess I will get to work on them now and if they do not turn out well, there is no big loss - at least I tried!
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