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June 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi Houzzers, I'm planning a renovation to enlarge the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. New space added is 8x 3 metres. Builder has been in and asking for concept drawing and plans to be started so I had better firm up some o my ideas. I have had an interior designer in but I'm still short on a couple of decisions. 1. The living room and dining room will have 11 metre (33 ft approx) wall ( the tv wall) . I envisaged custom made cabinetry the whole length, storage, stero, CDs, DVD books and buffets at dining end. White & sleek. Custom made for that length is going to be huge esp in Aussie dollars. Now thinking ikea Besta units. I like the colour options an the slidin doors. Much more affordable. I'm in a regional centre and only fly Ikea centre every couple of years. Anybody have Besta? What is the quality like? What is the longevity? Should I go for quantity or quality with fewer units? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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Lining furniture along the walls of a big long room turns it into a corridor. Not very inspiring.
You have only shown us one view but I suspect the seating is arranged along the opposite wall from the tele.
By turning a settee around to sit at right angles to the wall you will create and define different areas. The tv could also come into that area again at right angles to the existing tv wall and facing the tv.
Personally I have never liked the big black face of a tv to be the focal point of a room.
Good luck with you extension.
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A full wall of built-ins would have a more cohesive feeling.
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Thanks for comments. Opposite tv is a large sectional and wall to right opens up with large sliders to a deck. Wall at dining table will extend out by 3 metres. I like the idea of stream lined storage and the cohesion of line of similar units. My vision was to display interesting ceramics and art above. Can't move tv from that wall as all antenna leads would have to go through ceiling to an interior wall. Back to cost of custom made builtin cabinets that my interior designer has suggested. About $8000. Ikea Besta would be about $4000. I will only fly to nearest store to checkout if anybody thinks it worth the compromise. Also, I have planned to keep wooden buffet hutch, paint it white and move to dining end. New dining table will be 10 seater with wood table and white eames style chairs. Besta anyone ? Or other ideas for such a long rectangular space?
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I like your idea of painting the hutch white..it would blend in better with the beautiful woodwork...could you have someone incorpoate the tv into the hutch and have doors put on to it...i have that in my living room and canthe doors of the hutch when not in use..and the rest of the hutch can hold your other media things...is that a window above the tv? That was where i thought the white hutch would be going...looks too tall if it is a window....anyhow..good luck...
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I like the idea of a long wall of Besta units. I have no experience with them, but I'm quite near an Ikea and honestly, if I need a new TV unit, I'll be going to Ikea for a Besta one myself. Friends of ours had an Ikea kitchen and it was great quality. So... that doesn't say anything about the Besta units, but I can't imagine it being wonky and wobbly. It looks pretty good in the store.
If I didn't have a broken toe and difficulty walking, I'd hop in the car and check them out for you. I'll see what I can do this weekend perhaps. No promises though, and I truly hope someone here can tell you from their own experience. But I wouldn't be afraid to go for it.
Sounds wonderful!
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Great idea about tv in hutch with doors and yes I don't like tv as focus either. Buffet hutch is an old favourite that I just can't part with. Window above tv will be going with Reno, built in as it serves no purpose. Too high and afternoon sun. I could get doors of other units made to match. Or is matching not important anymore? Thanks
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Thanks Carolins for the vote of confidence. I have had ikea products before and still have them 15 yrs later. So was inclined to think it was a good option. Then I googled Besta reviews and they received a mixed response. My previous comment was about the wood buffet as tv unit but on reflection that would interrupt the flow of the stream line effect. My idea is that the art and accessories displayed become the features not the units. It is very hot where I lived so white blue neutral makes for a cool calm environment. How did you break your toe? I hope you didn't drop your iPad on it whilst posting on Houzz . Seriously, wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Hahaha... hmm... no, I wish it had been a cool accident like that :-D
But actually it's far more prosaic; it's a vacuum cleaning injury. Hit my toe against a wall while vacuuming. Something said krrtssh... and it wasn't the wall :-(

I often suggest that people go to Ikea for a media unit, because I do like the sleek look of the Besta units and their possibilities. I do own a couple of the Expedit units, the cubby hole cabinets. And our library consists of Billy units. All Ikea and no complaints.

And just because it's fun, I've included some of my favourite cabinet walls here on Houzz:
Contemporary Vermont Farm House
New Edinburgh Project
Miller's Meadow Farm Living Room
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Hi tkjs These shots especially the Vermont farmhouse illustrate what I meant about placing furniture across the room.
Note how it divides the long room into areas. Nice wall units if that's what you are installing.
Exciting project, have fun.
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Thanks Carolins. Love # 2 #4. Your photos were excellent examples. I'm going to try posting this again with a simpler title and less blurb. Maybe I'll get more responses about Besta. Ian's the farmhouse was the one I picked too. It the closest to my style and how I see the final product. The use for the units will change for the room. The first set will be entrance, mirror, drop etc. then move along wall to media section , then move along wall to dining, change to Buffett height with minibar items etc. delayed gratification, see photos in about 5 months . Carolins, house can be dangerous. Maybe we should do less of it if its a safety hazard:) hope your healing. Thanks again for your time!
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Here is a link to a review of Besta, from someone who bought and used it for a year... they liked it!! http://frugalfaye.com/2012/07/16/media-center-for-400-ikea-besta-media-center-review/
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I've definitely given up vacuuming (I wish).

Perhaps Besta won't be your best choice. You seem to like the square shapes and Besta, in my mind at least, is more of a rectangular shaped system. I wonder how the Besta will work if you combine it with the expedit units. Hmm...
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Hi all. Thanks sstar for link. I have previously read it in my google search for reviews. I liked all her pros but then at the end she comments regarding the quality is not a 'destination piece'. I think meaning not for longevity. That was what got me second guessing my opinion. I'm prefer functional furniture rather than museum show pieces. Carolins , I'm still happy with Besta low modular and rectangular look, esp like the option for sliding doors, narrow depth but varying heights. Still looking for someone who owns it. I'll do a new post. I will look at ikea site again. I liked your taste for the inspiration pics. Thanks again for time.
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You're very welcome :-)
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Ha! I suggested Besta to someone who actually went and bought it, so... here's her thread. You can perhaps pay her a virtual visit and ask what she thinks? She just bought it, so no years of experience, but still...
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Thanks again Carolins. I read her thread and Simone seems satisfied and it looked good too. Sleek, low and unintrusive but with good storage. That's the look I want only in white. You are a champ!
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Haha... thanks. Nice view eh? Love that about Houzz too, you get to virtually visit homes all over the world :-)
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Shelleyrae Cusbert
If it is something custom but fairly simple you want, draw up your own plans with measurements and go to see your local joinery business. They can talk you through material and cost options, refine your design and measurements and by dealing with them directly you can save, especially if you live in a county town as we do in northern NSW.
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I think that your walls should be beige or a tan it would really compliment that beautiful floor you have.
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Have got a quote in $8000. So ikea was my budget option depending on the quality. I'll getting more quotes and ill order a small unit as a test. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks .
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