Granite installation issues- should I get a refund?
June 13, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My anniversary gift- granite counters! I found a small business with great reviews. I did a lot of research, etc on granite and the installation process so I would know what to expect. I took the time to pick my slab (a 4 1/2 hr drive!). I asked what needed to be removed from my current kitchen for them to measure properly- they told me just have the old backsplash removed. I asked about the sink because I was going from a standard over mount, 2 bowl stainless to a hammered copper single bowl with an apron front. I asked if that should be installed to get the proper measurements and I was assured that as long as they could take my sink and faucet with them to their shop, there would be NO PROBLEMS. So, they came to do the install. One guy was "new" and was being "trained". He screwed the dishwasher bracket into the cabinet and broke the adhesive so that the front cabinet face was now at a 45 angle! The other guy was able to fabricate a metal bracket to fix it, but it took him almost a 1/2 hour. Next, a wire needed to be notched out and the new guy almost cut through it! I was not happy. Then, they brought my stone in and when they shoved it against the wall, a piece the size of a quarter chipped off the back edge! I have the chiseled edge and it is on the back corner so it doesn't really show - but really???? So, then we noticed that where the sink had to "bump out" to, was now flush with the outside of the cabinet, see photo because its hard to explain. I had to cut the "T" shaped pieces from my cabinet and now have to find a solution for this! Then, wait for it..... There is a half inch gap between my stove and the granite!!!! The only solution really, was to recut the small rectangular piece that was to be seamed behind the sink. I was furious. I previously went to place my template on the granite and was told that I really only had 2 choices to ensure that my seams would match up perfectly. Now they won't! Well, they told me they had a similar slab back at their shop from the same lot. It had almost exactly the same grain. The right side matched pretty good, but the left side not so much. Given that this is no longer a "perfect" install, what should I do. I honestly can live with the granite not matching, and although not how I would want it, the cabinet can be worked to make it look ok. I think I should at least get a partial refund for their measuring errors and not having the perfect product that they promised. Or, my husband thinks they should completely replace it and then they will get the full price. I need some advise. This is $3600 for a 27 sq ft job. If I asked for money off, what is reasonable? We paid a $1500 deposit and nothing more as if yet. I did talk to the owner and told her everything. Someone is coming out to look and assess things today. I'm really starting to get annoyed because it has been almost a week and I want to get my backsplash put on and now I have to wait till this gets resol
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I can see why you're furious and I think they should fix the problem to your satisfaction. But granite is expensive I'm not sure with a small shop how much luck you'll have.

They can fix the chip with glue stuff that they have so you won't even notice. I had to have mine repaired.

Give it more time, and don't give them any more money. But you might be stuck.
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Thanks! I can live with what I have- I just don't think I should have to pay full price for less than perfect work.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Yes they need to fix before they are pd. always check references when dealing with home improvement people. This is very shoddy work.
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Too bad all that happened. I do all that "before" stuff just like you do and it is just terrible when it doesn't work out. I'm in the middle of a "redo" with a furniture refinisher and he clearly saw the problem and has agreed to do it over, but I'm skeptical about what the end result will be - and the time (6 wks to refinish a tabletop!) Like you, I've only paid about half so far. I'm sure you're wondering how much to have redone and worrying, if it is redone, will it be better or worse? I don't have specific advice but I sure feel sorry about how stressed and annoyed you must be. On top of all that, you're probably trying to deal with them in a fairly calm and reasonable manner since you still might need them to solve some issues - very challenging!
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I'm trying to remain calm, but the longer this is taking- I'm getting more and more upset. Just tell me I don't have to pay anymore money and cut your losses. It was a bad job. Compensate me so we all can just move on already! That's what I want to tell them.
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I hear you!!!! Sometimes you just want to be done with them but you sure don't want to pay full price for a less than adequate job!
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Think the granite industry is a buyer beware industry. No regulation or standards and when things go wrong the consumer is the one who gets the blame for not selecting a perfect slab even though the average person does not realize that many stones are sold which are full of resin filler that isn't noticeable until the light bounces off such as when a stand-up slab lies flat on a counter. Had a bad experience.
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I would be curious about what the resolution was here. I just had a similar issue. Picked my slab for a bathroom counter and they came and templated after cabinets installed. When they delivered the granite they cut it an inch too short on the depth (even though the depth is a standard size). This affected 2 of the vanity tops I purchased. We discussed me getting a new piece. Before I was able to get there to look at it, they were fabricating the "new" piece and delivering it that afternoon. It was installed and I noticed later that night there is a seam along the whole back of the slab - it is the original slab with an inch piece glued on. Now truthfully, no one else would ever notice it, but I do not feel I should pay full price. What is an appropriate amount off ? One top was $400 the other $700. Or should I make them rip it out and re install a new piece - which will cause me an additional delay. Any thoughts, guidance, etc. is appreciated.
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I'm not sure why this granite company thought they could measure with out the apron front sink installed & the cabinet reworked prior. None of the companies I work with would allow themselves to be placed in such a situation.

The process was failed. The cabinet work & sink installation absolutely should have been completed first. Then the measure would be done. This is the only way to insure all components will fit together properly.

Frankly, I also highly recommend against trying to do an apron front sink when new cabinets are not being installed. Unless you have a highly skilled finish carpenter involved in the process and can get more matching cabinet parts easily.
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Jagilliad - I literally just wrote a book about my experience and then realized I wasn't "signed into" my houzz app and it deleted everything!

I'm at work - will try to write more when I can.

Did you have to pay a deposit?
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I paid a deposit of about $900 and that included another counter top that was $700. I'm inclined to say keep your $900 and we will call it even (It would be a cost of about $200 for the 2 affected counter tops, but I'm not sure that will fly...) I don't think I want to go through the hassle of having them redo the counter, I have sinks mounted etc., but I am NOT paying anywhere near the quoted price for counters with a seam on the back. The one counter mounts right up to a wall mounted mirror and it is a very nice seam - no one would ever see it and the other counter has a back splash that sits over the seam anyway. Its just the point ! I'm not paying full price -
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That's pretty much what I did- told them I'm not paying anymore. Trust me, if you tell them you are willing to keep what you have, you are doing them a favor. They aren't going to want to spend any more time (free labor and materials) fixing or redoing your counters. I can't believe they didn't tell you "how" they were going to fix it! Did they think you wouldn't notice? They should have told you that was what they were doing and you needed to approve it! You just need to put on a good act (sounds stupid, but you need to lower yourself to their level, unfortunately). You really need to over emphasize how unhappy you are that you really want them to rip it out and do it all over so it's perfect- what you were supposed to get in the first place. Play that up and then hit them with ...... Well, I am willing to keep them, but I'm not paying any more! I was informed by another contractor after the fact that they can file an insurance claim and not be out any money on the slab. Plus, I'm sure they will turn around and sell off any remnants. Doesn't this kind of stuff just annoy you? They are supposed to be the "pros". I am a huge DIYer so I did my homework and probably knew more than my installers did! I watched one of the guys almost saw through a wire for crying out loud with a hand saw! I should have turned around and charged them for babysitting fees! LOL.

As for the person that wrote about the sink- I brought that up so many times. Wouldn't it be easier to have the new sink actually installed- no, they said. As long as we can take your sink back to the shop- this is easier for us- really- obviously it wasn't cause you royally screwed up!!!

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