My kitchen needs help! I'll take any ideas!

Chris AnglinJune 15, 2013
I was thinking of painting the cabinets, walls and putting in tile. My problem is what colors?
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Allison Burnfield McAteer
If you have a little bit of money I would consider building at microwave coffee bar area where you have the cutting table with the mixer. your accessories are orange. What about a color that coordinates with it. I love the orange, blue and green in this picture.
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Chris Anglin
That's a great idea! What color would coordinate best on the cabinets?
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Allison Burnfield McAteer
I like he blue ceilings for cabinet color but I'm not a professional.
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Nancy Walton
Have you considered refacing the cabinets? If the boxes are in good shape it would be about half the cost of replacing the whole kitchen.
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Chris Anglin
what do you mean by refacing?
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Madden, Slick & Bontempo, Inc
I love your chalkboard wall!
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Chris Anglin
Thank you!!! :)
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Fred S
You don't have to reface the cabinets to paint them.
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Nancy Walton
No, Fred, refacing, instead of paint. Chris, refacing means new doors, and a wood laminated to the exposed faces of the cabinet boxes. It certainly is cheaper to paint, if you're thinking of replacing cabs sometime in the future, but just want to freshen up the space. With refacing, you have more options than just what color to paint (wood, finishes, etc.). If I were to paint, I think I would go for cream with a glaze, but I can't tell if your cabinet doors have enough detail to glaze. Cream is a nice color, because white might end up yellowing over time anyway. Will you be replacing countertop and appliances?
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Madden, Slick & Bontempo, Inc
Refacing is a good option, but if money is tight, painting is the least expensive. You have kind of an eclectic vibe going there - what about something like this Pick a shade of grey that goes with your floor. I have used SW sedate grey, which is a nice neutral color. Rustoleum makes a cabinet painting product that actually works quite well - it's a 4 step process. I would also put some chairs at that table. The canisters that are on it now could be moved to some wall shelves, maybe next to the pantry cabinet. Good luck!
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Personally painting is timley and a pain and personally painting never works out like one thinks its going to and doesn't last as long as staining. I woudl dress teh cabinets up with nice pulls and handles or even buying decorative wood pieces and adding them on. Under cabinet lights and maybe a different floor. A lot of discout tile floors have some really nice stuff...maybe a rich blue that looks like the ocean floor. In my opinion it needs colour. Cut out the top cabinet doors to add a smoked glass would be really nice and that isn't as bad to do as one would think. Not expensive to have someone do as well. You could even go to Hobby Lobby and buy sheets of stained glass to do the same thing then you can choose colour. A nice shade of blue would be nice on the walls. the area where you show the tower cabinet and small cart...I would personally add a small tower/cabinet...that has shelves to lighten it up a bit. Remove the 3 pictures over the door makes the area look cluttered and could also paint murals in the innner doors on the bottom cabinets if you choose to repaint them. Adding a nice trim to make them look framed in. I'm dyslexic to the max so I hope you can read this....sorry.
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Beth Gilliam
Depends on the person, but i think i would paint. Pricing out both refacing and all new cabinets (all wood construction) it was cheaper to get all new. I think refacing can be a good option, but im my experience, its does not save you money. Not to mention if you are putting in that kind of money, you might want to change the layout slightly or height of the cabinets. Anywayyyys, I think painting is easy and cheap and will make a huge impact! Just take your time and do it right and it will last forever! I love the idea of doing a color on the bottom cabinets and a white on top. They also make a paint for laminate that has great reviews here on Houzz....I attached a few pictures of galley kitchens to hopefully inspire. :)
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Beth Gilliam
Also, i would replace or paint those doors throughout your house white, it will update it instantly! :)
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