Need help with my laundry room eye sore!
June 15, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Check List
*Hide hot water tanks
*Disguise hot water heated flooring system
*PVC Pipe placement/and how to disguise once moved (if possible)
*Possible countertop and/or cabinets
*Organization on top of hot water tank shelf
*Paint color for such a small area

Few details if it matters
- I am short 5'
- This is a temporary fix until we get stackable front loaders
- Just put in temperary floating floor and carpet
- The tubes and pipes are literally in the cement floor in that spot. I had to cut the carpet in around it, and I assume it cannot be changed.

Thanks guys in advance for the positive feed back. I am a first time home onwer and also I am young so I do not have much experience. This is why I come to you! I see people attack others on these types of blogs and I do not have time or energy for such negativity. Thank you kindly :)

**PS... The Little Miss in the picture is my 2 yr old, Sophia Meadow
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My first thought is maybe using a tri fold screen to block the equipment from view. That would still allow plenty of ventilation as well. You could do some sort of curtain to disguise the cleaning supplies. I think a fresh coat of white paint on the walls and a colorful picture or two would look nice. Good luck!!!
June 15, 2013 at 3:58PM        Thanked by sami2146
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It is light and bright and the chemicals are stored where the child can't reach. All good.

How about a panorama photograph that would fit between the two horizontal pipes? and have a lot. No need to frame, just spray glue to foamcore board.
June 15, 2013 at 4:17PM        Thanked by sami2146
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A floor plan would be helpful.
June 15, 2013 at 5:58PM      Thanked by sami2146
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Scott Design, Inc.
A stacking front loading washer/dryer may be inconvenient for your height. Why not consider individual front loading units. Put them under a counter top (you may have to raise your washing machine drain and water line box). Put wall cabinets above making sure you pull them forward for ease of access.

Build shallow framing on the end wall enough to support floor-to-ceiling panels on magnets that would hide the pipes but still provide ready access. Use sliding louvre doors in front of your water heaters.

The panels and sliders avoid door swing issues in such a small space. A shallow fluorescent light fixture with full spectrum bulbs will give you good light, hug the ceiling to maximize height of cabinets allowing for their door swing and open up your visual "air space".

Assuming your dryer is properly vented now and that you have a carbon monoxide detector in the space.
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Talianko Design Group, LLC
My first thought was with regard to the w/d. Can you sell them and purchase a stackable unit? This will allow for proper concealment of the plumbing with room left over for storage cabinets. You can disguise a lot this way. BTW, Sophie is ADORABLE!
June 15, 2013 at 7:07PM        Thanked by sami2146
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Everyone here has given good advice, the only thing I'd like to add is- since it's a laundry room, go ahead and use a fun, bright color on the walls, one that you love but might be hesitant to use somewhere else in your home.
June 15, 2013 at 9:54PM        Thanked by sami2146
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WOW such great feed back guys, thank you so much! A different washer and dryer seems to be a big key in this problem. and sliding doors for concealing the equipment is a great idea! makes me wonder if the larger door to the enterance of the room is appropriate for the small area? but would a different type of door look tacky even though it would be more functionable for me. and i would have never thought to pull the cabinets foward for my verticle dilemma haha i really like the panoramic photo idea but i was looking foward to a bright fun color on the walls, so possibly a compromise with a bright fun pic?! i am very interested in the floor to ceiling panel installation! I am not familiar with this at all @Scott Design Inc. can you direct me to a good site that shows this? and thank you @Talianko Design Group for the comment on Sophia she is alot of fun She is my first so I have learned alot between being a new Mommy and being a home owner, ITS NOT EASY! Thanks again everyone!
June 16, 2013 at 8:23AM     
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for the idea with the panels on magnets, look at IKEA for panels. they've got plain and nice colored ones, not too $$$, and most don't need hemming. easiest way to make them would be to cut the panels to size with about 2" extra top and bottom. then glue or even thumbtack them to pieces of lattice. this will give them a little stability, and they won't waver like fabric when the door is opened.
then you just glue on your magnets (or use peel and stick strips from michaels/joanns, the panels aren't heavy.), and magnet them to the framing.

with that idea, you could wrap the magnet-frame idea all along the 2 walls, and cover the water heater area as well.

if you need regular access to those areas, IKEA has curtain tracks that would allow the panels to move. it'll make the project a little more expensive, but not out of reach for most people.
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Scott Design, Inc.
Here is a quick plan view of your laundry room. I do not know the dimensions but the concept would be the same. You may have to jog the framing (in/out, high/low) to cover some of the pipes and you may have to leave some of them exposed in order to fit sliding doors, etc. The panels can be plain 1/2" thick plywood that you can paint or they can be beadboard MDF panels, both available from lumber yards or Home Depot. If you get flush doors for the sliders, you can paint or apply a mural wallpaper to them along with the plain plywood panels. Just be sure there is ventilation for the equipment located behind the doors and that they can be removed if and when the hot water heaters need replacing. I have also suggested a pocket door for your laundry entry.

I don't know what you have in your budget for this project but this should be done by a carpenter. Ask him to come over and see if this can be done... framing, hang the doors, panels, and wall cabinets and install the hardware. And I'm sure he will make adjustments to this approach according to jobsite conditions. Ask him for a quote.
June 17, 2013 at 9:08AM      Thanked by sami2146
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