need help
June 17, 2013
what should I do with porch and sidewalk?
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Replace / resurface the posts and add a border to the walkway to make it more substantial.

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I agree, new columns would be good. If the middle one is not really supporting the roof of the porch, I would take it out altogether. But check with someone that would know for sure.
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Stamps Design Services
Ok, I did a five min. mock-up...Many of my neighbors have homes with porches similar to yours; the most attractive porch has wood posts with a board "fence". If you do not have the budget to replace your walk , you can dig up the sides and add bricks, which will make the sidewalk look much nicer. (power wash it first) Thirdly, I would add plants if you do not like gardening (or don't have the time), you can do beds with shrubbery, mix in grasses and a few flowering bushes/ perennial flowers for color. Stay away from reds and pinks, as they may fade into the brick color, think yellows, orange, white and bues. Read the how large the plants will become at maturity; so you don't have them covering windows or growing into each other, and use landscpae screening to help eliminate the need for weeding... Oh yes, lose the shutters!!
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Example...... Just make it feel your own, and allow the presence to be seen. It is a rough image, but hopefully it gives you an idea.
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A cheap, quick fix would be to power wash the sidewalk and try to get the black staining off. You can pick up cleaners at your hardware store and either buy a power washer, rent one or find a neighbor that would let you borrow one. You'd be surprised what a little touch like that can do. Add some planting beds with a mixture of low- and mid-height plants. Maybe ring the tree in hostas.
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White shutters and columns. Landscaping will do wonders:)
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Shanareed4- Are your existing columns L shaped at the corners and flat in the middle, or all flat? One way to give them a facelift is to simply build around them. It would be helpful to have a close in photo of the top and bottom of the end and middle conditions, to advise further. Proportionately, the width from the front is good, so the issue is how deep are these existing cast pieces? I like the idea of pressure washing the sidewalk, and then potentially staining it, as Sweet Caroline Garden Design often suggests, As you get closer to the house, consider small planting beds beside the walkway (ala Stamps) on both sides with a couple of bollard fixtures about 4' high, that are classic in terms of shape and black.. If the threshold height of the door allows, consider adding slate to the covered patio area, on the top and exposed sides. Ive attached a pic of wrapping the cast metal columns--though not exact, they provide a general idea for you. I don't suggest 'shadow boxing' the base (as in this pic), just facing the entire metal column with 1x material, along with any req'd furring, to make a square column, then placing an 8' mitered wood wrap at the base and a 4" mitered wood wrap at the top of ea.(make sure cement or tile patio are not in direct contact with the wood--accelerates moisture damage) then painting when done. Happy Houzzing.
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Sweet Caroline Garden Design
I would put a pergola in the recessed entry area and a patio underneath as it appears you like to do some front porch sittin' as we say here in the South, or at least beef up the existing posts and extend the landing out a bit Remove those white shutters and trim out the windows with some blue gray trim and paint the gutters the same color. Below is an example of how nice blue gray goes with red brick . Magnolia Residence 03. Add a border to the walkway and score and stain it blue gray or brown. Yes DMH knew I was gonna say that :-) To bring the runway ( um, walkway ) down to size and make it more welcoming create a bed on each side of it and make a rock garden filled with low growing evergreens, ornamental grasses, boulders, perennials, etc. and then mulch it with pea gravel. You could use a small blooming or ornamental tree on the far right side for balance . Here's my 2 cents worth. Since a picture is worth a thousand words this one may leave you speechless : Sconset Residence and P.S. If you ever change your roof make it a charcoal gray.
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