Desperately Need Kitchen Ideas!!
June 18, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi everyone:) My husband and I are in the process of closing on a condo, and we desperately need to update the kitchen! The layout is very hard to work with. Right now, it's a pretty small, cramped kitchen, so I would like to make it bigger, but without changing too much of the layout (meaning I don't want to remove walls or anything like that) but on the other hand, I am open to ideas from everyone as to how I can make the kitchen practical, functional, and feel more spacious. We entertain quite a bit so if I can make either a small island or peninsula efficient for entertaining, that is definitely something that is very important to us.

So far, all I know is that we would like to keep the budget within 10k, not including appliances(most likely cabinets will be from ikea).
Some other details that I have thought about are: I would really like the kitchen to be black&white, and I would really like to move the sink by the 2 windows in the corner. I also definitely need a pantry cabinet, and would love to have a bottom freezer French refrigerator, but I don't know if that'll fit in the space.
For right now, I really can't see how I can make this kitchen work for us, but I am excited and ready to take on the challenge. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!! Hopefully the pictures I have attached will help!
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JDM Countertops, Inc.
It would probably make it feel more spacious to cut down the pony wall to make the peninsula all one level. Not sure if you can remove the pony wall all together to bump your cabinets out a bit, which would give you more room inside your kitchen. You can still have an overhang for seating on the other side, it will just need a different kind of supports depending on the counter surface you choose.

If you are open to removing the soffits that the upper cabinets are mounted to, it would probably help open up the space as well. I can't wait to see what you decide to do! I think it has a lot of potential....
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I love the idea with extra seating by leveling the peninsula! That will be great for entertaining. I think we are pretty much planning on gutting the whole thing, so yes the soffits will definitely go.. Thanks for the idea!! It's good to know that you think it has a lot of potential
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Here's some ideas for the kitchen sink layout.
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I guess no one else can give me any ideas :(
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Suzy Ivancic
I would make the kitchen glossy white with a beautiful glass splashback and a black granite bench top
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Suzy Ivancic
Also would get rid of the overhanging cabinets above the bench top cause it makes it small . Add some amazing hanging lights above the black granite bench top and some cool bar chairs .
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We're going to close on this property in 2 weeks and I still don't know what I'm going to do with this kitchen :(
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Aneisha Rush
Definitely open the space by removing the cabinets above the bar, maybe if there is room, do a built-in hutch or pantry on the other side of the room (I guess it's a dining room area?)
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I think it is supposed to be a dining area, but I would like to try to put in an island that maybe extends over to that space.. thanks for the suggestions. I will def remove the cabinets from up there!
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Interior Trends Remodel & Design
Hi! You have a great blank space to work with here!
I like your idea of moving the sink, although every time you move plumbing the dollar signs go up, so keep that in mind! If you do move the sink, you could move your cook top to the peninsula area where the sink is currently located. This would allow you to put a tall pantry adjacent to your fridge and your sink could be under the window. Keep in mind you won't want the pantry to butt right up next to the window so that you have elbow room while scrubbing pots and pans!
One last storage idea. Its hard to tell from the photos, but if you have the space, you could increase the depth of the peninsula so that you have storage on the backside as well for larger appliances, etc. This could also help you hide the downdraft for a new cook top. And I agree with JDM Countertops about making your peninsula all one level.
Good Luck, Can't wait to see what you do with the space!
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Since you are doing new cabinets I think the cabinets and soffit over sink shouldnot be replaced,that is the single most important aspect to open up space.I think I might put sink where plumbing for dishwasher is and put dishwasher under cabinet where sink now is.That way you do not Move plumbing but get sink out of the way.Leave pretty windows open,granite countertops.Whites with a few bold color accessories or.copper pendants,glass brushed Nichol.Good space looks great.Floor plans?Removing tile huge $$$ job,sometimes you can put porcelain ,I did twelve inch tile over old ceramic.As long asno counter height issues.Of course area rugs over white tile good tobuy time.White is good black canvas!
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You can bring your dimensions to a cabinet place, Home Depot or ikea & they can assist you in laying out the cabinets.

You didn't say if you are doing all of the work or will need to hire out. So not sure how far your $10k will go.

Not knowing the dimensions it's hard to say, but I like taking out the peninsula & putting in an island. Seating / Overhang could be where the wood floor starts. However floor plan changes may not be compatible with keeping the tile floor. Changing the floor is an additional cost.

Moving appliances & plumbing adds to the cost, unless you have friends in the trades.
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