Exterior spruce up
Mary Pointer
June 20, 2013
Our new house is almost perfect! Almost, the exterior is driving me crazy, it is dull and boring. Color is an issue, we are getting new siding on sides of house, it is currently the same shade as the porch railing and door. I would like suggestions for the door, trim, & siding. The 2nd problem: plants- We are planning to remove 2 small trees on the island portion to the left in the photo, leaving the giant Hickory /Elm type tree. Well the large tree removal is still under debate because we like the shade and view from inside the house of the tree. The island has a red azalea bush and purple lantana, and I think it is fine. behind the island is a washed concrete walkway that needs to be repaired or replaced. On the far left, not sure if you can see in photo, is a crepe myrtle surrounded by lilies, and daffodils, they are lovely, along the back of the walkway, next to the house are half diseased and dead inkberry bushes, in front of the inkberry are barberry bushes, then some type of ornamental grass. The area does not get a lot of sun because of the trees. I am in zone 7, I need advice on plants to plant to add balance with the left side of yard, and add color, but not have to be replaced every year. The area is about 5 ft deep, I would like a very southern country type feel. On the left side are 2 Holly trees, we love them and want to keep them, need to plant something around them. Flanking the porch are white Camilla bushes they are staying. On the side with the bushes, behind the Camilla bush I have been thinking about planting a rose of Sharon like the one in the pic attached. The roof was new in 2010, so has a lot of life left. Thought about flower boxes? Please any advise will be greatly appreciated!!
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Timberlane Shutters
Like pictured above, Board and Batten shutters would look great on this home! We have many shutter styles, types, and options at Timberlane, including Board and Battens. Below are images of previous jobs we have done. Be sure to visit our profile and our website to request a free catalog: http://www.timberlane.com/about_us/catalog-request/#.UcRKBzuG3Ic
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Judy M
I would call in a local landscaper or two for some suggestions and estimates.

I would remove one of the 2 trees on the left and perhaps limb up the remaining one for some added light to foundation area, so anything you do plant can grow.

On the right, you have a severe slope, and some type of retaining wall on far right with fill might be a solution.

Be careful of the tree and landscapers though, they love to cut everything down.

Better to cut a little than too much, they can be like hairdressers with newly sharpened scissors!
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Mary Pointer
Thank you SO MUCH! I love the board and baton shutters, never thought to add those, they are gorgeous. Love the grayish green color!

Judy, I am spending all my savings on the the siding, I can't afford to hire a landscape architect. I did a ton of research on landscaping for our previous house, and my husband and I did the work ourselves. We probably saved a few thousand and we got great exercise doing the hard work. I have so much pride in my work, it has been 10 years since we installed the landscaping in our previous house, and it is still beautiful! We are actually going to start saving for our next round of big projects, which will be landscaping and adding a pool to the back yard, and for that one we will be calling in the pros, but the front flower bed I really want to work on myself. I like the ideal of a retaining wall, we already have a large retaining wall on the far right, behind the trees. But we could enlarge the island and add a small retaining wall around the island, and possibly at the right by the holly trees. I just worry about building up the soil around the Holly's it might kill the trees.

I really appreciate you all taking the time to give me your advice! So sweet of you all! Thanks again!
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Timberlane Shutters
Mary, that is our "Sage Green" and "Slate Stone." Please go to our website and request a free catalog: http://www.timberlane.com/about_us/catalog-request/
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What a lovely house! Here are my thoughts:

I would leave the siding color alone. It's a nice neutral color that goes well with your brick, assuming its the same as your door. Your front door is lost in the monochromatic color scheme though. I would replace the front door with a dark brown wood door( remove screen door) and put an awning above the door to call more attention and add color. Flower boxes under the windows and around your porch railing would add nice color.

Have you thought about trimming the trees instead of cutting them down? They hide your house a little but it's nice to have larger trees.

I would plant some larger shrubs on the right side of your house where you have your walk out. The shrubs there seem out of place and a little top heavy. Maybe some arborvitae to take up some massing between the windows?

Good luck!
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Mary Pointer
Thanks for the advice, especially about the door, I know it needs to be replaced, just wasn't sure with what. Also have thought about adding some type of covering over the porch area. The problem with window boxes would be the upkeep, not sure I would be able to keep them looking nice. I am thinking about a nice bright yellow flowering bush along the side of the house where the walk out is, mixed with crepe myrtles, because they would be beautiful to see as you approach the house from the bottom of the hill. A lot of work ahead :)
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Mary Pointer
as a side note, after growing up in an old mobile home with nothing but dirt and mud in the yard, it sure is fun, and I am beyond thankful to have such a lovely home.
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Judy M
No landscape architect, just a landscaper, see what they suggest and DIY what you can.

The reason I said cut one tree is they are very close to each other and block the house,

I don't recommend cutting trees unless I think an improvement will be made, I love trees! And yes you could limb up both and see if your plants grow and later decide to take one out.

Lovely house, a few tweaks and you'll be happy with exterior.
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Garza Concepts
I agree with Judy, keeping the large trees will give balance to your home. I recommend adding a free form walkway to the street
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Please don't take out the trees. Call an arborist to give recommendations on how to trim them, but please don't take them out.
Trees are so important for the ecosystem, and to grow trees that large takes years. Think of them in terms of value, those are worth thousands of dollars. Learn to love shade plants, and enjoy the fact that they are helping to keep your cooling costs down.
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A good tree surgeon should be able to thin the tall trees to give you a bit more light but still keep the overall shape and height which goes with the house. That and a new front door as previously mentioned will make a real difference to the look. If you don't want to do window boxes then how about biggish planters either side of the door, with a mixture of folliage but some white seasonal flowers.
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Mary, looks like you are getting some great advice. I like the idea of adding shutters, and believe that taller, thinner is most appropriate, given the space btw. the window openings. Also, I like the idea of a pediment or portico detail to identify the main entry. Here are a couple of examples of how both can be achieved--ignore the colors, it is the shutters and/or pediment/portico that I refer to. You have a lovely home and I wish you well with these intended improvements.
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