Need Ideas About Fireplace Area
Jennifer MullinsJune 26, 2013
The current wall is that large stone in heavy dark brown with dark brown grout. I would like to clean it up a bit and get rid of the stone (the top part above the mantel at the very least) I would love to get rid of the stone completely but the fireplace has a raised area in front, also made of slate and stone.

I had considered painting it, but i do not think it will come out looking so good. I have attached a photo (please forgive my photography) Also, if anyone has an idea of how to remove the facade, I would gladly welcome it. Most of the house is complete and this fireplace dates the house back to the 80's. It is so dark and dreary....sigh

Let me hear what thoughts everyone has. Thanks so much....

I have included what the fireplace looks like now and a general idea of I would like to look like when I am finished.
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Nowadays, a lot of our customers are installing ledgestone on their fireplaces. Check out our website: for more ideas. Good Luck!
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that looks like just a stone veneer. I think it would probably come off pretty easily. the hearth might be an entirely different issue if it's solid concrete ...
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Jennifer Mullins
hi Brenda.... unfortunately it is solid stone. The other issue I forgot to mention is that I have ceiling beams that connect into the fireplace. When I looked at it closely, it appears that the stone was added later because of the way the the grout goes around the ceiling beams.
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Just get a chisel and a pry-bar at your local Home Depot or Lowes. A pry-bar is a remodeler's best friend as you can use it to pop off molding & often it comes off in one piece so you can re-use it.

Back to the fireplace, if you're going to remove the top stone, you might as well remove the bottom as well. If you're not up for re-flooring to cover the hole that would be created by removing the hearth, you could have the hearth boxed in & covered with a nice tile or wood.

If you do decide to pop the stone off, be sure to budget for a good sheetrock person (& remember this is going to impact your ceiling as well - it will require patching.)
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Jennifer -- what does the chimney coming up through your roof look like? is it the same stone?
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Here is an idea: can you not just put a fascade over it? With help from a plasterer and tiler, you could end up with a lovely result I think.
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Infinately cheaper to cover it
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Jennifer Mullins
@felixgrantham-- thanks for the suggestions.... i havent finishes the ceiling yet, so removing the stone from it will not be damaging problem.

@Brenda - the stone that comes through the roof is different.

the only problem with putting a facade over it is that I am loosing a good bit of the corner. I prefer to have it smaller and less conspicuous...
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Gail Nasgovitz
If you put a facade over it you could add your display shadow box over the fireplace, which would give it the look you are looking for.
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Jennifer Mullins
as it turns out -- our neighbor down the street has the same fireplace and what she did was apply a gel stain to the fireplace and it turned out wonderfully. I think i will be doing the same thing except I will be applying drywall to the part above the fireplace and staining the bottom part.
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Jennifer Mullins
@Brenda -- I apologize for not going into detail earlier, The outside chimney looks completely different and that will be painted to match the facade outside. But i have come up with an idea -- I will be applying a gel stain to the bottom part of the fireplace and then applying drywall above the mantle.
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It looks more massive than it is because the accessories on and near it are so small scaled. Take everything off the mantle and hang one large piece of art on the chimney piece. Cover at least half the chimney above the mantle with that art.

It looks just plain dirty: Scrub it thoroughly and lighten the grout a couple of shades with diluted acrylic paint. If you painted the walls a taupe or light grey - a light shade that blends with the rock, that would tame it.

If that's not enough, consider using a "light-wash" on it: first paint it with a clear alcohol-based shellac to make removal in the future easier (seals the pores). Then wipe on a diluted pale grey paint over the rocks to lighten them.

Last - and most expensive - have it covered with sheetrock and apply moulding. If the sheetrock is applied tight to the rock, with 1x2 furring behind it, you won't lose much space. Then add tile trim around the opening to suit your decor.
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Jennifer Mullins
hi @tsudhonimh -- you are right -- i have scrubbed it and it still has that "dirty look" that is one reason i hate it so much. the trouble (well not so much trouble) we ran into is that the rest of the walls are a venetian plaster and we needed something to blend well with it.

so when our neighbor applied the gel stain like a paint - it turned out beautiful. and then she painted her mantel a lighter color - but i do not think we are going to do that because it is a rough texture - but at least it matches the rest of the decor.

eventually, we will install sconces above the mantle (where it will be drywalled) and that will cut back the look of all that stone
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