Front of house needs a face lift! Exterior doesn't reflect interior.
Kirstin Gayte
June 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am looking for suggestions to make our 1955 box house look great from the outside. We are replacing the windows and painting (obvious) but I am desperate for a front porch/pergola and walkway! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Lisa Arena
What colors are you leaning towards?
June 27, 2013 at 8:36am   
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Cute. There is a little cottage on houzz that is somewhat like yours with a pergola across the front, but I don't care for it as it reminds me of Andy Rooney eyebrows. (Didn't) post it because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if they see my comment.

Anyway, I love this very welcoming entry and it looks as if you could do this to your house. Actually it looks like your house's roof line and the span between your front door and the window. That's nice because it balances the front and gives you a spot for a bench.

Other than that, maybe some new foundation plantings, a new Craftsman style outdoor sconce and big house numbers.

My only negative comment is your windows look kind of plain. Can you put in some snap in grilles in Craftsman pattern?

You home is adorable.

June 27, 2013 at 8:45am        Thanked by Kirstin Gayte
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What is your style inside? If it is modern, I can kind of see that you've done a bit with that out here.

If it is more cottage or cozy, then JudyG has definitely got some great ideas for you, where they've used some craftsman touches on a porch. Changing your big windows to pairs of single/double hung with grids only on top will give you a custom look and restore the cross ventilation your house is probably crying for this time of year. You may have areas around side or back where a window can be changed out to a french door to a deck or patio, so when you are changing windows is definitely the time to consider these opportunities.

You have many options with a simple house like this - what styles are you drawn towards? Perhaps you could search houzz exteriors and start an ideabook with all the things you like.
June 27, 2013 at 9:11am      Thanked by Kirstin Gayte
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Kirstin Gayte
Thank you for the posts. The inside is open and light , a bit eclectic with steel and wood pieces, and touches of turquoise. More cottage than modern. We are having the windows replaced and the front picture window will be 2 and the right bedroom will be the same height as the other window. Keep em coming!
June 27, 2013 at 10:59am   
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Kirstin Gayte
I have spent hours on Houzz and with stacks of magazines... love it!
June 27, 2013 at 11:19am   
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Kirstin--If you are considering adding something as simple as a pergola or as complicated as a porch, start by using a design professional in your area. JudyG and LDE make some nice suggestions. I don't mind this body color. If you want something more modern, the windows as LDE will help define that, as will defining the entry with a trellis or pergola--note you don't have the space to mount anything on the wall above the door. When you add gutters, mounting anything to the fascia is not an option, so I suggest a free standing pergola, if allowed to straddle your entry stoop (pic is an idea for the top, pwdr. coated metal and wood). Consider the idea of changing out this face of the siding to a HardiePanel (pic), which you could use as wainscoting to the sills of the taller windows. It could be done in a darker grounding shade than the rest of the body color (b/w cottage sketch). Face the steps in a complimentary, rough granite tile (adjust screen door). Consult with a designer in your area, to make sure all exterior adjustments and additions are properly detailed and permitted, do avoid any non conformities. Happy Houzzing.
June 27, 2013 at 11:38am        Thanked by Kirstin Gayte
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Coastal Home Design Studio
I think Judyg's idea is great. You could also go with a full length party porch if you enjoy the front yard
June 27, 2013 at 11:40am   
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Try surfing houzz for an updated cottage image that you really like - then post it here as your inspiration pick. Then people are going to give you a lot more ideas specific to how you might implement this to your house and yard.
Here are the cottage details that are more traditional - and very charming.
You can put a gable topped open pergola outside your existing stoop if a new larger porch is out of budget. You might face your existing steps with slate, and pick a color from the slate for your house color to contrast with your new (white?) windows. If you ask a mason to come out, he could price chamfered posts like JudyG shows, as the base of your open pergola, and he can widen your front stoop and stairs before he puts something like slate or flagstone or quartzite on them. You might take out the black iron stair rails, and try some chunky exterior wood ones. You might eventually add a white picket fence around the perimeter of the corner lot and put side trellis panels at the fence line with a little linear trellis on the side yard so you can grow vines and pole beans up and create a garden view from inside in that direction. You could raise beds there and grow tomatoes, onions, parsley, basil / easy vegetables and herbs with a little gravel path between. You can echo the entry pergola with an entry arbor where the walk to your front door intersects with the sidewalk - plant native daisy bushes (hardly need water once established) on the inside of the picket fence all around the front. You can cut out a linear planter bed on each side of the path to your door - a bit wider than the stairs and plant rows of lavender or native wildflowers. Most natives once established (watering once a week deeply) live without watering. Many of these ideas can be independently done / phased in over many seasons.

Make a list, start pricing things, and then do some priorities - you can probably price the main materials yourself, and double that for installation to get a rough idea of the cost of things that need to be built / installed. If you think you will DIY, add 1.3 x for the hidden materials you'll discover as you research more later.

Consider a muted blue-green gray color with a cheerful yellow door and white trim / pergola, fence and arbor. Test sw festoon aqua for your house, and sw bees wax for your entry door.
June 27, 2013 at 3:14pm      Thanked by Kirstin Gayte
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Kirstin Gayte
Wow, thank you everyone. This won't be a DIY project, I just spent hours and hours perusing Houzz and our roof line was throwing me off so I wanted to see what you all had to suggest. I have a contractor coming Monday and I will show him images that I have found.
June 28, 2013 at 10:16am   
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Kirstin Gayte
Still no movement on the project. Argh.
October 3, 2013 at 2:52pm   
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