Need help with layout for large master bedroom
June 27, 2013
I recently moved into a new house and have a very large but somewhat awkwardly shaped master bedroom. We just put the bed in the same place as the previous owners and scattered our existing furniture around the room. I don't need a lot of storage furniture in the room because the master closet is large and provide sufficient storage. I would love some ideas on how I might arrange the furniture differently. We have 2 wingback chairs, a cal king bed, 2 nightstands a small dresser, a medium wardrobe & a large TV on a stand.

The picture of the room is from the hall door looking in with the bathroom on the right.

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Jeannie Nguyen
I think you should start by switching the placement of your bed and TV. That should open up the room more once you walk in, and leave more room for other decor.
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Wow that room is huge! It is totally dwarfing your huge bed. I would suggest moving the TV to above the fireplace, putting your bed at an angle so that they are facing it directly. Use some sort of large shelving unit to act as a room divider (or if you are up for it, build a real wall). It can be open shelves to act as a screen, or closed on the bed side and open toward the chairs. The wardrobe and dresser could go on the 8'10" wall. This gives you a more private and intimate sleeping space, and a cozy reading / conversation / coffee area without hindering circulation. It makes the bathroom a little more removed from the bed, thus more pleasant and comfortable for everyone. The only difficulty will be the location of the ceiling fan. I am guessing it is centered in the room, which doesn't work with this layout. However, having an electrician relocate the fan would be inexpensive and quick.

If you don't want to get into moving the ceiling fan or buying a big shelving unit, I would suggest placing both the wing chairs to either side of the fireplace to create a separate zone there. You could move the wardrobe to the 8'10" wall next to the dresser, then put a simple screen up that goes from the master closet door to about the end of the bed, running about where the 17'8 dimension line is. This gives you a little private dressing area right outside the closet and makes the whole room look a lot less cavernous. Putting something colorful above the fireplace will help a lot, as will putting in a massive headboard, one that is large enough to fit the scale of the room. You could even do a canopy bed.

Congratulations on your new house!
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